Peachy’s Fantastic Five

Our service is based on 5 fantastic cornerstones so that our customers get the most satisfaction.
Whenever you use Peachy for a short term loan, you can be sure of the following:


We are flexible

Most payday lenders have rigid requirements when it comes to paying back the loan. We know that life itself is not that cut and dry especially when it comes to money. This is why we have flexible repayments for our customers. Our repayments are easy to understand thanks to the repayment calculator that is available here.


We put you in the driver’s seat

We put you in control of your money. When you have financial troubles, it can feel like you are losing control of how you want to live your life. We put you back at the forefront of what you are doing with your money because of instead of feeling helpless, you know that there is a company that you can turn to in your financial moment of need.


We are upfront with you

Traditional payday lenders hide the annual percentage rate (APR – more commonly known as interest) so customers like you yourself cannot find it. However, we know that you need to know every detail about the loan you are applying for. We let you know the exact amount of interest that you will repay as well as letting you know the dates that you need to pay the loan back by.


You are in control of repayments

Because of the innovative repayment calculator, you are the one who chooses how repayments are scheduled (putting you in complete control). This is much better than having an old fashioned consumer finance company dictating to you how to deal with the repayments.


We have excellent customer service

You can contact us anytime to discuss your account or your loan with us. We pride ourselves on offering you the best customer service because we know dealing with money can be stressful.