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Why shoppers should always use a budget

Posted on 12th July 2013

Top tips for shopping on a budget

Shopping on a budget means keeping more notes in your pocket than change and thinking about purchases before you really buy them. Follow these top tips to help you on your way:


  • Always go for a discount: Hardware shops or DIY shops could be open to you bargaining especially locally owned shops. You can also try furniture shops if you need to buy a sofa or chairs but you don’t want to break the bank.
  • Make a list: Whether you do this on your iPad or on a notepad, you should always write down what you are going to buy. This stops you from impulse shopping with your money and even though there is a rush with impulse shopping, it is never as good compared to when you have made a list of what you are going to buy.
  • Use vouchers: Shopping with vouchers is another way to reward yourself while shopping at the same time. If you find vouchers in the shopping area that you like, use them by the expiry date so you get the most value for money.


With these top tips, you can use the cash you have to buy items you want without going over budget at all.

Author: narek.vardanyan

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