Peachy’s Budgeting Quiz

Posted on 27th August 2015

How financially smart are you?

We are excited to launch our new budgeting quiz app and we want to know how financially smart are you. To highlight this, we have our new budgeting quiz app through Facebook that you can play, and you can also share it with your friends.

How to fill out our budgeting quiz

Step #1 – Enter your email address

Step #2 – Answer 10 questions that are multiple choice. These will determine how smart you are when it comes to money

Step #3 – Share results with your friends

What makes our budgeting quiz game unique is the fact that there are four financial personalities that you can either be. We have identified these four personalities below:

  • Cheapskate – This is someone who likes to spend as little money as possible
  • Rational – This is someone who looks at money from a practical point of view
  • Emotional – This is someone who spends money based on emotions
  • Spender – This is someone who is driven to spend money

Peachy budgeting quiz game

Which of these 4 quiz personalities do you think you are? You will have to play our financially smart budgeting quiz to find out first! The quiz is compatible via mobile which means you can play it wherever you are and you can see who the other winners of the quiz are as well. The best part about the quiz is we will randomly draw 2 lucky winners for £25 each, and the main prize is £300. Get involved now for a chance to win!

In the quiz, you will get to discover if you are a cheapskate, if you are emotional, rational or if you are simply just a spender. It’s important to know what your financial spending habits are so that you can plan for your future finances. Other benefits of knowing how you spend money include:

  • Helping you save in the future: By playing our budgeting quiz, and if you discover you are a spender, you will be able to change how you spend money so that you can become more of a saver such as the rational personality of the quiz.
  • Can help you soften up a bit: If you are traditionally a cheapskate, you can also use the results of the quiz to soften up your attitude to money.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t let money take over your life but you should also have a good attitude towards money to plan for your future. Enjoy our budgeting quiz to find out how financially savvy you are.

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