peachy top stats infographic

Peachy – Top Stats Infographic

Posted on 21st April 2014

Following last weeks Peachy’s Top Stats Research, we are happy to share our Infographic with you! Here are those key points we have covered:

  • ¼ of those surveyed said they would take out a pay day loan.
  •  A third (32.61%) of those who have / would consider a pay day loan said they chose this option above other loans and it meant they could get money quickly.
  •  75% (73.53%) of those surveyed said they felt they were given enough information when taking out a loan.
  •   When asked what they would like more info on, the majority (65%) said they would like more info on re-payments, followed closely by 58% saying they would like more info on interest rates.
  •  Over half of those surveyed (53%) said the thing that would stop them they most from taking out a loan is the worry of not being able to keep up with repayments.
  •  1/3 of those who took out a loan said it made them feel relieved to have their money troubles out of the way but 47% said it made them nervous about getting into debt.
  •   When asked who we would turn to for advice on taking out a loan, 39% said they’d turn to their family, followed closely by 38% saying they would turn to their partners.
  •  35% said they would turn to the internet for advice on taking out a loan and only 28% said they would go to a financial expert.

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Author: narek.vardanyan

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26th April 2014 at 9:08 am

I loved the way you people have conducted the survey and taken into consideration the actual statistics. It shows the mind set of people towards Payday loans and helps a lot in gaining a clear picture about the scenario.. Good Job… This blog was of great help