• 8 money-saving tips we learned from our Dads

    14th June 2018

    In honour of all the Dads out there, we thought we’d write something in recognition of all of them who have given us some invaluable money-saving tips that we should have used (and probably ignored!) growing up. Our Dad’s… We love them. We argue with them. We receive advice from them. And at some point, we’ve probably taken money from …
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  • It’s Peachy’s 7th Birthday!

    6th June 2018

    It’s time for Celebrations! Peachy.co.uk has a 7th birthday on 6th of June and because of that we declare the whole June as a Birthday Month in Peachy. During the whole June we are going to give out Peachy’s gifts and there will be 7 lucky ones who don’t have to repay their loan. Just keep on reading to understand …
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  • New study finds Brits spending recklessly on summer holidays

    25th May 2018

    With the onset of summer comes the beginning of UK travel plans. But, did you know that 40% of UK holidaymakers are not budgeting carefully and thus paying the price later? Alarmingly, 97% of holidaymakers don’t regret reckless spending on their summer holidays, leaving them with unmanageable debt once the summer is over. In April, we surveyed more than 2,000 …
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  • Brexit: How hard will it hit your finances?

    16th May 2018

    The United Kingdom will leave the EU on 29th March 2019. But what does this mean to ordinary Brits at home? How will Brexit impact personal finances? Whether you agree with the decision we made or not, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union in March 2019. Much has been discussed about the UK’s future trade, sovereignty and borders, …
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  • Peachy.co.uk Cash Draw!

    25th April 2018

    We care about our customers and highly value the relationship we have with you. From 1st of May until 31st of May 2018 Peachy has a cash draw. We’re giving away 3 x £250! You are eligible to participate in Peachy’s “Cash Draw” campaign if you apply and get approved for a loan during the period of 01.05. – 31.05.2018.  Campaign official …
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  • Why Don’t Millennials Care About Their Pensions?

    19th April 2018

    Free-spending, tech obsessed, hedonistic and not wanting to save money. These are just some of the accusations labelled towards millennials. But, are these claims fair? Studies show that the millennial generation is not saving enough in their pensions. The “you only live once” attitude translating as “spend now, worry about it later.” Millennials, aged between 18-35 (or born at the …
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