• loans and credit education

    How to Teach Your Children about Loans and Credit

    2nd February 2017

    Teaching your children about loans and credit will be one of the most important lessons that you need to teach your children. Loans and credit are the underlying foundation of financial services and as your children grow, they will encounter loans and credit. Learn how to teach your children about credit to ensure their financial knowledge is thorough in order …
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  • UK bank account

    10 Things to Know About Your Bank Account

    24th January 2017

    Your bank account is one of the most important things to understand about your personal finances. Without a bank account, it is difficult to be paid a salary or to budget effectively. You need to know the essentials of what makes your bank account work and tips and tricks to managing your accounts effectively. The majority of Brits have a …
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  • run out of money

    What to Do if You Run Out of Money

    17th January 2017

    To “Run out of money” is something that most of us dread. However, research from the Money Charity shows that household debt in the UK now averages at around more than £54,000 per household. This highlights the problems that many of us are facing with consumer credit, as more people are looking for cash because they cannot generate the cash …
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  • The Bank of Mum and Dad

    The Bank of Mum and Dad in Britain

    9th January 2017

    The phrase ‘the Bank of Mum and Dad’ was coined in Britain to highlight the growing number of adult children who ask their parents for money, food, shelter once they have finished university and are working. This is a phenomenon that is growing rapidly as more young people in the UK under the age of 35 are returning to their …
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  • Spender

    How to Manage Money if You are a Spender

    2nd January 2017

    If you are a spender, you need to get better at managing money. Internet retail sales per UK shopper are over £1,000 per year, according to econsultancy. This clearly shows that the UK is a nation of spenders and we need to see how we can manage our spending effectively. Spending money is all about knowing your limits and spending …
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  • Saving Money if you are a Saver

    How to Manage Your Money if You are a Saver

    28th December 2016

    According to new statistics, around 1.1 million UK households have savings that are under £1,000. With savings numbers like this, if you have more than £1,000 in savings, you are showing that you are good at saving money. Saving is something that Brits are trying to get better at but if you are one of the lucky people who do …
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