• 0% balance transfer credit cards - a cause or symptom of Britain’s credit card debt?

    0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards: A Cause (or Symptom) of Britain’s Credit Card Debt?

    9th October 2019

    Debt is inevitable for most people. Whether it’s student loans, mortgages, credit cards or any other type of borrowing, everyone finds a way to borrow and spend money they probably don’t have. According to the Money Charity, the average household credit card debt in the UK, excluding mortgages, was £2,655 in September. According to the Office of National Statistics, average …
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  • The pro's and con's of bulk-buying

    Bulk Buying: Does It Really Save You Money In The Long-term?

    11th September 2019

    Bulk buying can be a fantastic way to reduce your shopping bill. However, is buying more than you need a cost-cutting exercise or a surefire way to waste what you do not use? Whilst the UK does not yet take bulk buying to the extreme as our American cousins, Brits will have noticed enticing offers to buy more and get …
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  • top 50 most trusted companies

    Peachy Named in Top 50 List for Most Trusted Companies in 2019!

    27th August 2019

    Cash On Go Ltd, Peachy’s holding company, has been listed in the top 50 most trusted companies of 2019 according to the Silicon Review. What is the Silicon Review? The Silicon Review is the world’s most trusted online and print community for business professionals. Community members include thought-provoking CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CMOs, CFOs, VPs, managers, budding entrepreneurs and those who …
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  • Buying a home

    How to Escape The Rent Cycle and Finally Buy a Home

    17th July 2019

    Research has highlighted that on average, those who rent will spend a whopping £1 million more than an average homebuyer over sixty years, plus the further uncertainty of whether their landlord will sell the property that they rent.  For the majority, homeownership appears to be a choice that is far out of our grasp. House prices are still beyond our …
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  • Extra Cash Lying Around - Here Are 9 Best Ways to Capitalise

    Extra Cash Lying Around? Here Are 9 Best Ways to Capitalise

    Too much of a good thing is bad, or is it? Because having extra money is anything but bad, right? There are countless things you can do with it, from investing it wisely to burning it for fun. Regardless of the source of your extra dough ― years of hard work, a winning ticket in the raffle, inheritance, lawsuit settlement, …
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  • Household spending statistics UK

    Where Does Your Paycheck Go? Key Household Spending Statistics in the UK (Infographic)

    9th July 2019

    Have you ever wondered where all your money goes? Find out how an average household in the UK spends its income. It’s no surprise, but many people are spending more than they earn each month. There is a steady transition from cash and cheques toward plastic and digital payments, which often results in unforeseen fees and interest charges that contribute to …
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