Christmas gift ideas

The guide to Christmas gift Ideas and spending

Posted on 12th December 2014

Christmas is just around the corner and you know what that means? Presents and more presents! Many people in the UK have already started their Christmas shopping in earnest by seeking out the best deals available on the market. With this guide from Peachy, you are going to find out the best Christmas gift ideas for this year that won’t break the bank at the same time.

According to, average household spend was £758 in the UK when it came to shopping for Christmas, with more than £400 pencilled in for gift shopping. This shows how important Christmas shopping is to people in the UK. It’s so important that it takes up the bulk of the Christmas shop which includes food and drinks, and of course party accessories. found that traffic explodes on Boxing Day in 2013 as more people continue to look for deals during the Christmas period. According to  UK customers spent 17m hours browsing for gifts and shopping last Boxing Dar. That is a whole lot of time to be spent especially considering that gifts are given out on Christmas Eve or Christmas Dar.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Families

If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas that are suitable for families, look no further than this list:

  • Adventure loving families: Experience gifts are on the rise as more people want something to remember from when they are celebrating Christmas. If you have family members that adore adventure, consider getting them experience days that tie into what they are interested in.
  • Holiday families: You can always push the boat out with families that love going on holidays. Let’s face it, most of us adore going on holiday outside the UK to sunny destinations such as the Algarve. You can buy holiday loving families’ gifts such as travel guide books on where they should go next in the New Year. Don’t forget to have these books gorgeously wrapped for that glossy effect.
  • Families with many children: Toys never go wrong when you consider how important they are to children in the family. Consider board games that the whole family can get involved in to highlight the beauty of having children in the family.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Whether you are buying your father a Christmas gift or your partner, you need to look at things with a fresh pair of eyes. Some of our suggestions include:

  • Affordable watches: Men love watches – this is one of the many facts of life especially when it comes to shopping. You can look for affordable watches in your budget that you can get from high street options. The benefits of buying watches as Christmas gifts include that they tend to last for a long time.
  • Ties: Many men need ties to look professional at the workplace. It’s a nice idea to offer a tie gift set as a Christmas present to your brother or cousin for example who is about to start a new job.
  • Gadgets: Whether you want to get your male relative the new iPhone or the new Samsung, a gadget is always a good idea that you can choose. Just go for an old new model that hasn’t been used in order to keep the cost down especially if you are buying a laptop or a tablet. Look for deals with small tablets.
  • Shirts: Every man needs a shirt that they can wear for work as well as for the weekend. You can get a male relative in your family a shirt that goes the distance, especially one that they don’t have to replace all of the time.
  • Calorie watch: Those popular fuel bands or calorie burning watches are increasingly popular with men who are very athletic. This is a good and affordable option if your male relatives are sporty and like to keep up with fitness.

Christmas gift ideas for her

We all know buying Christmas gifts for women in our families can get complex. There are so many sides to female family members to keep up with. Here are some of our top ideas that you can implement in your research for Christmas gifts for her:

  • Fashion coffee table books: Some of the best examples of gifts will be fashion coffee table books. These are huge glossy books that women who love fashion will appreciate. Look for deals when you are Christmas shopping so you can buy 2 books for 1, for example.
  • Costume jewellery: Jewellery does not have to be expensive in order to be loved by the person who is wearing the jewellery. You can get many types of costume jewellery from high street brands that are affordable and still look fantastic. Necklaces, earrings and rings are awesome examples of gifts that you can give people for Christmas.
  • Clothes: Who can go wrong by buying clothes for a woman? Nobody! Look for vintage clothes if your relative is a fashionista or opt for high street choices if your family member wants to wear the latest trends.
  • Bags: Bags never get old as the gifts of choice for women. Many women love having bags for different occasions. You could buy handbags for your relative that they can use for work and you could also choose stylish handbags that they can wear on nights out.
  • Makeup: Designer makeup is a popular choice for many women because they are constantly looking for new makeup products that will make them look amazing. Popular designer makeup brand gift sets always do well during Christmas especially with female consumers.

Christmas shopping budget tips

When you are budgeting for Christmas, you need to look at what you can afford against what is being offered in the market. Here are Peachy’s top tips for budgeting this Christmas:

  • Always look for gift sets: Gift sets are excellent because they significantly allow you to buy multiple presents and save money at the same time.
  • Just spend cash: If you really want to keep tabs on what money you are spending on Christmas, only use the cash in your pocket. Studies have shown that cash in our hand is harder to part with than just money that’s on our debit card.
  • Write down what you want to buy: Instead of buying gifts on impulse, ensure that you write down what you want to buy for Christmas shopping to stop any frivolous spending that does not need to happen.
  • Buy 1 gift per person: It can be really tempting to buy several gifts at a time for your loved ones and friends because you want to spread the joy. Many people overspend during Christmas and this happens because they buy more than 1 gift per person. Avoid the possibility of this happening by jut buying 1 gift per person.
  • Use loans reasonably: If you are going to borrow to fund part of your Christmas shopping, do it within reason so that you can pay back your loans easily.
  • Use vouchers: Many offers and promotions will be everywhere this Christmas. Go online and find promotions that will cut down the price of your Christmas holiday, for example.

With Christmas gift ideas that will inspire you and a budget to help you get them, Christmas this year is going to be fun and a joyous time to be with your family and friends. Just make sure that you are approaching it with a sound financial platform to avoid any January money hangovers.

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