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5 Budget Planner Apps: Save More Money. Easily.

Posted on 16th October 2014

Have you ever glanced at a bank statement only to realise that you have no recollection of making a purchase?

I know I have.

Or how about having a surprised look on your face as you scroll through the number of direct debits and standing orders leaving your account each month?

Keeping on top of every-day finances can be tricky.

However, with banking technology rapidly evolving, our bank accounts are increasingly accessible through our smart phones, tablets and laptops.

With literally hundreds of budget planner apps to choose from, we’ve created a short list of some of our favourites.

It’s time to embrace all that technology has to offer and get on top of your finances with our top 5 budget planner apps.

 1. Toshl Finance for iPhone and Android, free

The first of the 5 budget planner apps is equipped with the reassuring tagline ‘Save money. Worry less.’ – Toshl Finance is the perfect way to start getting to grips with your personal finances.

Deemed the ‘hardest app to beat’ by the New York Times due to its simplicity, Toshl’s clean user interface and colourful visualisations transforms tedious book-keeping into an almost enjoyable exercise.

As well as overseeing your accounts, Toshl Finance enables you to create useful budgets, set bill reminders and even enter your expenses on the go. At the end of the month, you can then export your financial data through a range of accessible formats including CSV, excel, PDFs and google documents.

Toshl Finance android app

2. Savings Goal for iPhone and iPad

We all know that saving money can be a challenge – especially with mortgage repayments or rent, utility bills and other unavoidable payments to make each and every month.

Whether you’re looking to save for a family holiday, new car or Christmas shopping, Savings Goal can help you do just that.

Producing a saving schedule has never been easier: once you set your goal and target date, the app will calculate just how much you need to save each week or month to achieve it. Fully customisable, Savings Goal tracks your progress and provides vivid visualisations to show you exactly where you are in terms of your target. Saving has never been simpler, right?

Savings Goal app

 3. Debt Manager for iPhone and iPad, £0.69

When debts begin to pile up and the repayments feel endless, Debt Manager pledges to help you get out of debt quickly.

Upon entering your debts and their interest rates, the app will determine the cheapest and fastest way for you to repay using the debt snowball (or avalanche) method.

Regarded by leading financial advisors as one of the most effective ways of paying off debts, the snowball method is extremely simple: once your first payday loan debt is paid off, the money allocated to that loan is added to the payment for the next debt, and so on and so forth.

The psychology behind this method ensures that you feel a sense of achievement when a debt is paid, which helps you continue with your progress.

Debt Manager provides valuable summaries of your progress through interactive reports, and at the end of the month, you can export your accomplishments via PDF or HTML.

Debt Manager app

 4. Account Tracker for iPhone and iPad, £1.99

If you have multiple accounts with multiple banks, monitoring your finances can be a laborious task. Cue Account Tracker – the personal finance app that helps you manage your spending and monitor balances across multiple accounts – all from one screen.

Equipped with dozens of features, you can set alerts, bill reminders, budgets and schedules for any type of account including current and business accounts, savings and credit cards. With an intuitive user interface, the app also helpfully displays the health of your accounts in colour code!

Bank statements and account history can be exported or imported in CSV, and backups can be made locally with iCloud, Dropbox, and iTunes file sharing.

Account Tracker app

 5. Expensify for iPhone and Android, free

If you need to keep track of finances on the go, Expensify is the perfect app for any smart device.

With its innovative SmartScan feature, the app allows you to take pictures of receipts and upload them to your Expensify account. The app automatically fills in expense details or attaches the receipts to the relevant credit card expense, eliminating the hassle of doing it yourself. Sounds clever, doesn’t it?

In addition to the SmartScan, Expensify enables you to track mileage expenses on the go, ensuring that all of your expenses are kept up to date.

Expensify android app

Your turn

Six in ten adults in the UK now use a smartphone and the chances are, you currently use one too.

And with 34% of you already using your smartphone to check your bank account balance, there’s no more excuses to not use this technology to curb your spending habits and increase your savings.

The most expensive budget planner app from the list above will cost you as little as £1.99. It’s a small cost for a high reward.

What are your favourite budget planner app?

Let us know in the comments section below

Author: narek.vardanyan

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