Christmas shopping

    How to Start Planning for Christmas Spending

    18th November 2015

    With Hallowe’en just around the corner, and Christmas a stone’s throw away, it’s not a surprise that people are already thinking about what they will be buying this Christmas. Christmas requires thinking about your money carefully so that you don’t end up overextending yourself. There are temptations everywhere especially considering that retailers have already started preparing Christmas holiday promotions such …
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  • Short-term borrowing

    Is Short-term Borrowing the Only Way to Get Cash?

    3rd November 2015

    Responsible lending is a concept that has the finance industry buzzing and it is something that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the regulator for finance in the UK, has based regulations about payday loans on. One of the latest innovations in responsible lending has been highlighting the image of the short-term borrowing industry as one that focuses on lending responsibly …
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  • Halloween spending

    The Rise of Halloween Spending

    21st October 2015

    Halloween is traditionally seen as an American holiday but it is now becoming even more popular in the UK and Europe. Held on the 31 October every year, it tends to be a day where there are costume parties where people dress in spooky clothing as well as do pranks on each other. Halloween spending in the UK has risen …
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  • IPM COGS Awards 2015

    Peachy Marketing Excels with Award Win

    14th October 2015

    The good news continues to come in thanks to our latest advertising and marketing campaigns. We are delighted to announce that’s promotions won an award from the Institute of Promotional Marketing in the IPM COGS 2015 Awards. Peachy’s campaign work does well with Promotions In the category of Promotional Merchandise, Peachy’s marketing agency won the bronze award, competing against …
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  • Overdraft fee

    Average Britons Pays More than £13,000 in Overdraft Fees in a Lifetime (Survey)

    23rd September 2015

    A new survey from Peachy Loans finds that there are huge sums of money being spent on unarranged overdraft fees. The survey had more than 2,400 UK respondents who had at least one bank account with a big British bank. An unarranged overdraft is when you go over your limit that you agreed with your bank without notifying them in …
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  • Understand credit

    Understanding How People use Loans & Credit

    14th September 2015

    7 reasons why people borrow money Loans and credit form a cornerstone of many people’s personal finances. There are many different types of credit that you can get access to. Here are 7 reasons why people use loans and credit: To be able to drive: The motor industry is known for the sky high prices of cars as well as …
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  • School saving

    Back to School: 3 Last Minute Saving Tips

    7th September 2015

    With kids around the country beginning to return to school and stressed parents running around the shops last minute like headless chickens. What can you do to get everything they need and stay calm in doing so? Whether it was that holiday or those days out that left a hole in your wallet, or you’re going through that last minute …
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