Responsible Lending

Cash On Go Ltd. is committed to responsible lending. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and adhere strictly to the rules laid down by the FCA. Interim Permission Number 637962. We follow the CFA code of practice for lending, which protects and benefits the customer. Our loan agreements are made under the regulations of the Financial Conduct Authority.

Loans offered by Cash On Go Ltd are a short term solution to cover cash shortfalls and its purpose should be considered carefully, with full knowledge of the responsibilities involved. Small cash loans are intended to improve short term cash flow, and therefore not suitable for longer term borrowing.

Please think carefully before taking out a loan with us and ensure that you are able to repay the total outstanding balance on the due day.

Customer selection

In order to protect our customers - not to put them in a difficult financial situation, we assess each application on an individual basis and ensure that customers can afford it before we approve it.

Credit Checks and Potential impact to credit score

As a responsible lender, we are conducting a full credit search should you meet our criteria. We run your application through credit bureaus and approve your application based on many criteria, including your credit history. If you default on your loan, we may make a reference to a credit reference agency, which could make it more difficult and expensive for you to obtain credit in the future. Interest will continue to accrue on the credit you have borrowed and you may also incur late payment fees in accordance with the terms of our credit agreement.


All the terms and conditions, as well as the charges, will be displayed clearly upfront before you make a decision about whether to apply. We do not charge unnecessary or hidden fees. The only way the cost can increase is if the loan is not repaid according to the agreement and you have broken your promise to us.

Further details of our total charging structure appear in detail in the FAQ section of our website.

Customer satisfaction and trust

We treat customers in a helpful, courteous manner and deliver high standards of service. We provide customer service representatives available to answer any questions or concerns throughout and after the entire loan process.

We will send you a reminder 1 day before the payment is due to make sure you don’t miss your payment date and incur late payment charges.

Information security and data protection

We ensure that the information we collect from you is always kept completely confidential. As a fully licensed credit provider, we have designed our processes to protect your information. We are VeriSign certified for SSL encryption of all transmitted data and we abide by our Privacy Policy to keep your information confidential.

Collections Practices

We lend to our customers in good faith and we expect full repayment on the stated due date. Should there be any problems in paying on time it is imperative that the customer informs us in advance. We promise to be fair to you in such circumstances and will offer you payment alternatives to help keep your credit score unaffected. We will not charge you unreasonable fees for defaulting or harass you if your account is in arrears. Our collections policy is fair and we will give you adequate time to remedy your default. 

Continuous Payment Authority

Peachy Loans uses continuous payment authority (CPA) to collect the repayment on your due date.

You have the right to cancel your CPA anytime (including before your promise date) by writing an email to, or by contacting your bank directly. You may also cancel over the phone on 0872 3310 433. Please bear in mind, that by cancelling the CPA you must find another way to pay us back your loan. In case you need more information, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Non-Payment and Financial Implications

Always make sure that you are able to repay your loan on the due date before taking one out, as it will save you a lot of hassle and extra costs.
We may also refer your case to our Debt Collection partner. Please note that we may charge you with other reasonable costs that we have incurred as a result of you missing payments and pursuing you for the payments due under our loan agreement including our reasonable legal costs. Please also note that we may try to collect your loan automatically on a daily basis and we might try to collect it in parts until your debt has been fully recovered.

Renewal (Extension) Policy information

You are allowed to extend your loan for up to 2 times. You may apply for an extension through the ‘my account’ area or by simply sending an SMS saying EXTEND to 68899.  Please note that in order to extend it you need to pay the outstanding interest and fees of your current loan. All extensions are at our discretion and subject to us meeting our responsible lending obligations. If you can’t repay your loan on the due date, you shouldn’t apply for an extension as that option is only suitable for customers who are not experiencing financial difficulty. Please note that extending a loan can substantially increase the total cost of your loan.

Citizens Advice Scotland (Phone 0808 800 9060) 

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