Earn up to £15 cash for recommending your friends

Every time you recommend a friend that takes out a Peachy short-term loan, we’ll pay you £15 cash – directly into your bank account. Refer 10 friends, get £150!

Plus, they’ll also get a 15% discount on their loan as well. It’s a win-win!

So, if you are happy with Peachy and would like to invite to recommend us to your friends, now you can by sharing a unique link.

Get my unique link!

How It Works

  1. Share the Link – Copy the unique link and share it with your friends via SMS, email, social media or chat messengers
  2. Friends Apply – Your friends or colleagues apply for a loan using your unique link
  3. Get Paid! – If your friend is approved for a Peachy loan, we’ll transfer £15 to your account.

Note, if they do not use the unique link you (or your friend) will not be paid!

Easy & Straightforward

Peachy’s easy and straightforward refer a friend programme allows you to not only invite your friends to get a loan with Peachy to cover short-term emergency costs but, for you to get paid for doing so.

Every friend you refer who is successfully granted a Peachy loan will receive a discount on their loan.

Questions Regarding the Peachy Refer A Friend Programme?

I’m a new customer. Can I still apply?

Yes! If you’re a new customer and you have a friend in mind who is looking to take out a loan, then sign up and refer your friend to Peachy and get £15 cash.

Is it possible to add friends that are not customers?

Absolutely! Make sure your friend applies through your unique link.

How will you pay out the cash to the referee?

For each friend you refer, £15 cash will be deposited into your account. However, the cash reward only applies if your friend takes out a Peachy loan.

How many friends can I share the refer a friend link with?

As many as you like! There’s no limit. If you refer 5 friends, and they all get a loan we’ll transfer £75 directly into your account. Just make sure they sign up through your unique link!

How do Invite my friends?

Inviting your friends is take part is easy. Simply log in to your account and get the unique link from your profile. Then, send the link to your family and friends who do not have an account with Peachy.

Remember, they must use the link you send them in order to be rewarded with a discount.

Peachy is a responsible lender, so we kindly ask you to only invite friends that can pay back their loan. Do not invite friends or family who struggle with money issues.

Peachy Refer a Friend Campaign Rules

There’s no limit on the number of times you can earn the referral bonus of £15.

To receive the cash reward, each friend who applies must use the link you provide them, and they must be a new customer. If your friend applies for a loan, but the loan is not approved, then the referral bonus is removed from any future application.

No referral bonus will be paid out if:

  • Your friend is an existing customer
  • Your friend has previously applied for a loan
  • Your friend uses the unique link you send them, but their application is declined.

Your referral bonus is paid out immediately once your friend’s loan has been issued.

For each friend that is approved for a Peachy loan will receive a discount of 15% off interest on all their instalments, starting from the third instalment.

Please note, you may lose your referral bonus if your friend pays off the loan early and before the 3-instalment period begins or, if they are late with their payments.

More information on our refer a friend terms and conditions can be found here. Alternatively, you can visit our FAQ section or call the Refer A Friend team on 0800 0124 743 or email us here.

Warning: Peachy loans are for the benefit of those in need of temporary funds to cover occasional and unexpected costs. These loans are not suitable for borrowing over sustained periods or if you are experiencing financial difficulties.