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<![CDATA[Do you perform credit checks?]]>Yes, we do credit checks to all our customers. If your credit score is too low, we are not able to provide you with a loan, however please make sure that all the data you have provided is correct and valid. For further information or if you have any questions please contact our Customer Service Team by email at info@peachy.co.uk or by phone 08000124743.

<![CDATA[What time do you deposit until?]]>Our office is opened from Mon-Fri 10am to 6.00pm and Sat-Sun 12pm to 4.00pm. We are able to make the transfers during those times, however if you apply after our opening times, then most likely you will receive the funds on the next morning.

<![CDATA[How long does it take?]]>We usually process your application within minutes. After that it is only a case of how fast the bank transfer can be completed. Most major banks operate instant transfer schemes, so a two hour wait should be the most you will have to endure, but usually it takes about 15 minutes. Smaller banks may still be working to introduce Faster Payment Systems and so transfers may take 3 working days to arrive, but we will contact you if this is the case.

<![CDATA[Is my application being approved?]]>As soon as one of our agents has looked through your application, you will receive either an email and or a text message on to your mobile phone about our decision or if any additional information is required to continue. If you have not received any information yet, then most likely your application is in the queue of being looked through, however you might want to check your email inbox and spam folder so you would not miss out on any information.

<![CDATA[Can I still take out another loan before I pay this one off?]]>At the moment Peachy.co.uk does not offer top-ups. You are able to reapply for a new loan after repaying your outstanding loan amount.

Think carefully before you take a short term loan and make sure that you are able to repay the outstanding balance on the due date.

<![CDATA[How long will it take to get a response about my application?]]>Once your application is finished and you can see the message "Your application is being processed", our Credit Committee will process it during the period of time anywhere between the next 15 minutes and 24 hours. If your loan is approved, you will be sent an e-mail confirming that the funds will be issued within the following hour. We will also send a text message to your mobile as soon as the funds have left from our account. After that it takes from 15 minutes up to 2 hours until your advance clears on your bank account.

<![CDATA[Are you direct lender?]]>We are a direct lender best described by the following three words – Fast, Easy & Secure! We offer loans from £50-£700. Peachy is a trademark of Cash On Go Ltd based in London.

What differentiates us from other lenders is that we offer multiple repayment option to best suit our customer needs. You can borrow from £50- £700 and pay it back over the period of 12 months.

Peachy is a secure lender and is authorised and regulated by the Consumer Finance Association. This means that we follow the CFA code of practice for lending, which protects and benefits you. Our loan agreements are made under the Consumer Credit Act of 1974.

<![CDATA[How can I raise my credit limit?]]>The loan amount depends on your credit score with us, which will be calculated each time you repay your loan and apply for a new one. The higher the credit score, the more you can apply for.

<![CDATA[What is wrong with my application?]]>For precise information concerning your account, please contact customer support by calling: 08000124743 OR send an email to info@peachy.co.uk. Our office opening times are Mon-Fri 10am-6pm and Sat-Sun 12pm-4pm.

<![CDATA[How can I extend my loan?]]>You may apply for an extension through the My Account area or by simply sending a text message saying EXTEND to 68899. Then your payment will be postponed until your next payday.  All loan extensions are at our discretion and subject to us meeting our responsible lending obligations.

Please note that in order to extend your loan payment you need to pay the outstanding interest and fees of your current payment immediately and you have an option to postpone your payment 2 times successively.

Think carefully - extending the loan may not be the best option and may make things worse. We would not encourage you to postpone your payment if the result will be that your commitments will not be sustainable. Please note that extending your loan payment can increase the total cost of your loan.

<![CDATA[Can I repay my loan early?]]>Just send us a text REPAY to 68899 or log into your account and click on REPAY to make an early repayment. Alternatively you can use our mobile app and press the REPAY button. Please note that all fees must be paid in total according to the agreement.

<![CDATA[Early repayment charges?]]>We do not charge you extra for repaying early, instead we decrease the daily interests from the repayment amount if you repay your loan early. Just send us a text REPAY to 68899 or log into your account and click on REPAY to make an early repayment. Alternatively you can use our mobile app and press the REPAY button.

<![CDATA[I have not received my activation email!]]>If you have an active spam filter on your email account it is possible that our message has been incorrectly flagged as spam. Please check your junk mail or spam folder. To prevent this happening in the future, just add info@peachy.co.uk to your contacts or mark it as a safe address. If you can't find our messages anywhere, then the email address which you supplied to us may have been mistyped. In the event of this happening you should contact us by phone 08000124743. We will then correct the details and you can complete the activation process. 

If you are sure the email address you provided us with is correct, then you may send us a text message with the content VERIFY to our shot number 68899.


<![CDATA[How can I repay my loan?]]>You have 2 different options to repay your loan with Peachy:

1) You must ensure that you have enough funds available on your debit card on the due date. We will collect the loan repayment from your debit card automatically. If you want to repay the loan before the due date, just send us a text REPAY to 68899 or alternatively you can login to your account or use our mobile app and click REPAY. Please note that all the fees and charges have to be paid in total according to the credit agreement and we will debit your card for the amount due under agreement including the amount you borrowed and interest and other charges accrued.

You must give us debit card details to collect your repayment and continuous authority to do so. We use continuous payment authority (CPA) to collect repayment on your due date. In total we will make 2 attempts to collect your loan payment by using CPA. You can cancel a CPA at any time. You can do this by contacting us on 08000 124743 or by emailing us at info@peachy.co.uk. If you cancel your CPA you will need to make other arrangements to pay us what you owe. Late payments will lead to additional costs. For details about other ways to pay us, please contact 08000 124743. You can also tell your bank at any time to stop making payments under the CPA.
You can also tell your bank at any time to stop making payments under the CPA.

2) You can make us bank transfer to cover your debt using the following details:

Bank: Barclays;

Account name: Cash On Go Ltd;

Account number: 43882942;

Sort code: 200353

Ref: your loan agreement number

<![CDATA[To contact customer support line]]>You can contact our Customer Support via e-mail info@peachy.co.uk or via phone on 08000124743.

<![CDATA[How can I change my bank details?]]>In order to update your bank details, please log into your Peachy online account and update the information under the My Account area.

<![CDATA[I cannot log in. Why?]]>For precise information concerning your account, please contact customer support by calling 08000124743 or send an email to info@peachy.co.uk. Our office opening times are Mon-Fri 10am-6pm and Sat-Sun 12pm-4pm.

<![CDATA[How can I change my mobile number?]]>Please give us a call on 08000124743 to update your mobile number. If you do not have any credit or an option to call, then you may also provide us with the correct details via email info@peachy.co.uk and we will update the details as soon as possible.

<![CDATA[What happens if I forget my password?]]>Don't worry, all you need to do is send a text saying "PASSWORD" to 68899 (text message is free of charge, but your local network rates will be applied).


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