Get a Peachy Loan in 4 easy steps!


1. Getting a Loan from Peachy

To apply for a short term cash loan with Peachy is easy! It is a totally free, one-off procedure. What you need to do is the following: on the calculator, choose the amount you wish to borrow, from £50 to £700 and then choose how long you want it for, from 15 days to 12 months. Once you’re happy with your loan terms which are displayed on the right, press “APPLY NOW”! You will then be re-directed to the full sign-up form.


2. Full Registration

On the full sign-up form we will ask you to fill in your personal, financial and bank details. We need them for identification and to run the necessary credit checks. Rest assured we keep all your data private and secure! At the end of the registration you need to activate your account by clicking on the link that is sent to your e-mail and by entering the password that was sent to your mobile to the box on the landing page.


3. Processing Your Application

We will then process your application. Please be noticed that we may call you to double-check some data you already gave us. This is just for your own interest and security reasons. Once approved, the money will be transferred to your bank account. It usually takes about 15 minutes, but depending on your bank in some cases it might take up to 1 hour.


4. Loan Repayment

On due date we will collect the loan repayment automatically from your debit card, but if you wish to make the repayment early or after the loan term elapses, then just send a text saying REPAY to 68899 and the money will be collected from your account immediately. Read more about repayment options here.