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Peachy FAQ with andy

Ever wonder why penguins cannot fly? Or if unicorns are real?

While we might not have the answer to every question in the world, we can help you out with questions about Peachy. In fact, finding the answer to your Peachy question has never been easier!

Meet Andy, Peachy’s head of FAQ. Behind his unique sense of humour and his goofbally personality lies a true Peachy-expert. Check the videos below to see Andy answer some of the questions you might have been wondering about.


1. I have not received my activation email


2. Is there a fee to apply for a loan?


3. How long does it take to process my application?


4. Will you contact my employer?


5. Is my loan application being processed?

7. How can I extend my loan?


9. Can I take out another loan?


Hopefully Andy was able to help.

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