Why use cash advance loans?

We all know how it feels when an unexpected bill arrives or a home repair is required and you don’t have the funds to cover it until payday. You need finances in advance to tide you over until that next pay packet.

Advance loans are designed to do exactly what they say on the tin, give you the ability to meet your monthly commitments by providing cash till payday. They are intended as a short term lending facility to enable you to meet urgent and unforeseen expenditure.

How to apply?

Applying for a cash advance at Peachy.co.uk couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is complete the application form, providing us with necessary details and answering all questions honestly to ensure that the application can be approved and released within minutes.
The great thing about it is that you don’t even have to leave your home; our simple on-line application form will let you know almost straight away if the credit can be released. Once accepted, your requested amount can be released and is often available in your chosen bank account within an hour.

Use the slider on the right hand side of this webpage to choose the amount you wish to borrow and the time when you wish to pay it back. Make sure you choose the amount and the duration that you can afford to pay back to avoid any financial difficulties later.

Cash advance

What are the benefits of a cash advance loan?

There are plenty of benefits to cash advances. Let’s look at some of them:

  • Puts you at ease financially, because you know you have the money to help you instantly
  • You can choose different amounts of money to help you out with whichever emergency you have
  • You can use our multiple repayment option, so that you can stay on top of your finances

Here are a few examples our clients have used the cash advance:

  • Car breaks down
  • Washing machine breaks
  • Unexpected bill arrives
  • Home improvements
  • Travelling

Want higher loan amount?

We deeply care about our customers and highly value the long-term relationship with you. The maximum amount depends on several different aspects, for example your credit score and history with us. By repaying on time our trust in you grows and so does the loan amount you’re able to borrow the next time.

Top tips to follow

  • Always think carefully before committing to any form of credit.
  • Before taking out a loan, make sure you are able to pay it back on time
  • If you have any trouble or issues with your loan, talk to Peachy.co.uk today
  • To avoid a debt snowball, you should always keep up with your repayments
  • Not paying back on time will affect your credit rating and your ability to get credit in the future. It may also make getting credit more expensive in the future.