Peachy Easter Egg Hunt

Our Easter egg hunt is just like the ordinary one but with ours you can win £100!

The game will start on the 10th of April and ends on the 23rd of April! 

Find Easter Eggs and Win 3 x £100! 

With Easter just around the corner, we have you covered! Easter is a fantastic time to be with family and friends to celebrate the holidays. If you really want to enjoy Easter, you should play our brand new Facebook game. Our game is basically an Easter egg hunt where 3 lucky contestants will each win £100 in cash! 

How the Game Works

You are going to have 3 pictures in front of you and you will need to find Easter eggs on each picture. The photos will come one at a time; you need to hover your mouse over the image to see the eggs as your cursor will morph into a hand icon so you can click and find the eggs. There will be a specific amount of seconds that you have to find the eggs, we did this to make it fun because when under pressure, you will play a better game! To help you out, the image will have 5 eggs each. The faster you can be playing the game, the more points you will win and this is what you need to get in order to increase your chances of winning £100!

Once you play the game, you just need to subscribe your email to win the cash prize and invite your friends to play. If you want a higher chance of winning, invite your friends on Facebook and share the post. Whether you love Nintendo or Xbox, you will definitely enjoy playing this game in time for Easter. Get stuck in today with our fun new game for the Easter period!

Click HERE to play!

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