• How can I extend my loan?

    25th September 2018

    You may apply for an extension through the My Account area or by simply sending a text message saying EXTEND to 68899. Then your payment will be postponed until your next payday.  All loan extensions are at our discretion and subject to us meeting our responsible lending obligations. Please note that in order to extend your loan payment you need …
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  • Early repayment charges?

    We do not charge you anything for repaying early. Instead you will actually save on daily interest if you choose to repay your loan early. Just send us a text REPAY to 68899 or log into your account and click on REPAY to make an early repayment. Alternatively you can use our mobile app and press the REPAY button. These options become available …
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  • How can I raise my credit limit?

    The loan amount depends on your credit score with us, which will be calculated each time you repay your loan and apply for a new one. The higher the credit score, the more you can apply for.

  • Is my application being approved?

    As soon as one of our agents has looked through your application, you will receive either an email and or a text message on to your mobile phone about our decision or if any additional information is required to continue. If you have not received any information yet, then most likely your application is in the queue of being looked …
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  • Can I still take out another loan before I pay this one off?

    Yes, if your credit score is high enough with us then you are able to apply for a Top Up. Up to date interest of the current payment will be collected from your debit card prior Top Up. In order to find out if you qualify for the top up, kindly log into your Peachy.co.uk account using your email address and …
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  • How long will it take to get a response about my application?

    Once your application is finished and you can see the message "Your application is being processed", our Credit Committee will process it during the period of time anywhere between the next 15 minutes and 24 hours. If your loan is approved, you will be sent an email confirming that the funds will be issued within the following hour. We will …
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