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How to Shop Savvy Online

Posted on 31st October 2016

It seems hard now to imagine, but as recently as 2008 only half of people in the UK shopped online. That figure is now over 75%. However, as then shopping online can still be a bit of a minefield and getting the cheapest deal is not always guaranteed.

That is why this week we have created a post for you that will not only help you to get the cheapest price for your desired goods. But will also help you to potentially save hundreds if not thousands each year!!

Tips and Tricks

We are all aware of comparison websites and their potential to save you money on anything from your weekly shop to your summer holiday. We even mentioned a few in an article about our favourite money saving websites last year that you can read here.

However did you know that Shopbots can do this and more? Searching through thousands of online retailers and comparison sites to find you the best deal on your desired product. MegaShopBot searches the best Shopbots to find you the ultimate deals in just one click.

There are also a host of clever online tools that can help you save money. For example the Super Saver Delivery tool helps you to find extra little items to add to your Amazon basket to reach the free delivery amount of £20. As delivery can vary from £1.50-6, it means you could save money and have extra items all at the same time.


Whatever you want to buy online it is likely that you can get some of that cash back. All you have to do is sign up to a cashback website such as TopCashBack (which is free). All you need to do then is log in, find the link to the retailer who has your desired product and click on the link.

The amount you get back can vary from just a few pence up to over £100 . So don’t be tempted in to buying unnecessary things, just because of the amount of cashback you will get. As cashback sites store this money in an online account. Remember to withdraw this cash when you reach the minimum withdrawal amount.

You will also find that most credit card providers offer cashback deals as one of their many incentives to new clients.

Codes and Coupons

Promo, Voucher and Discount Codes

Whatever you are buying online it’s likely you have seen a little box at the checkout which says “Enter Promo, Voucher or Discount Count Here”. It’s well worth doing a search online before making your purchase as finding a code could save you up to 50% on the advertised price. There are also a number of websites which show the latest codes and offers.

MoneySaving Expert has the most comprehensive list of current and ongoing codes.


Some of you may have seen the US reality show “Extreme Couponing”. For those that haven’t collecting and using coupons, be it from supermarket magazines, websites or Facebook groups could save you thousands.

For example, in their first year of using coupons Jordan Cox from the Mirror Newspaper saved nearly £2000. This extra money allowed them to take two holidays abroad and pay off bills. But most importantly it gave them the motivation to continue couponing.

One word of advice we would give you is to think very carefully if you really need the product on offer, especially if it is perishable. However feel free to go wild in the aisles and stock up on those non-perishables like cleaning and bathroom products, if you see a good deal.

As well as picking up the store magazine next time you go to the supermarket. We also suggest visiting websites such as Coupon Shop

Freebies and Bargains

We all love a good bargain, especially when the price is free. A quick search online will give you give you results to hundreds of bargain and freebie websites, as well as groups on sites such as Facebook.

These sites provide you with offers from a variety of different shops and manufacturers (sometimes even very high end ones).  These offers are often first come first serve as stock is limited. So you have to be on the ball to get the best bargains and freebies.

Bargain and Freebie sites are very tempting and you can end up with lots of things you don’t really need. So think very carefully, always ask yourself questions like “Do I really need this? Will I use this?”

For the best freebies and bargains we recommend using sites like Gratisfaction and Hot UK Deals


The great thing about Freecycle is that everything posted on the site is absolutely free. The aim of the site is to keep useable items out of landfill and in loving appreciative hands. There are now over 4 million members in the UK, meaning there are many members in your local area. The only catch is you often have to go and collect your chosen freebie. So sadly (for me) trying to get that cool giant trampoline on the bus was just a bit too much!!!!

Also f you are in need of a bit of a clear out or your other half is on your case, you can post your unwanted items on the site too. Someone will then come and take them off your hands.


Shopping online can be a bit minefield, with so many sites and offers out there, even for the same product. However using comparison sites, shop bots and bargain sites can help you to find the best online price possible. Once you have a retailer and product in mind you can then find out if it’s possible to increase this saving further by getting cashback, using a promo code or a coupon.  If you are a bit short of cash it doesn’t stop you shopping online as there are a host of freebie websites out there such as Freecycle.

If all that wasn’t enough you can read about our 10 favourite money saving websites here .

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