September savings

How to Save Big in September

Posted on 8th September 2016

September savings are something that many people are looking for as autumn begins. How are you going to save this September? You need to follow the top tips that we have for you to help you save and manage your money. As we head into the final quarter of the year, it is important to manage your finances especially in the run up to Christmas.  Take a look at some of the tips that we have prepared for you.

10 tips to follow on how to save in September

#1 – Look out for clearance sales and school supplies

Clearance sales are important for many parents who are looking for affordable items for their children who are getting ready to go back to school. There are many things to buy from new shoes, new clothing as well as pens, paper, crayons and other stationery items as well. Many retailers prefer to have clearance sales around this time because they have excess stock that is hanging around and they would prefer to get rid of it. If you are looking to save money in September, start by how you can save money on school supplies for your children.

#2 – Look for a car deal

Many new car models are released in September. If you are looking to upgrade your car model to something different, now is the time to look for a used model because these need to be sold in order to make way for the new cars that will be coming to showrooms.

#3 – Buy holiday clothing affordably

September is the month where you will see more affordable holiday and beachwear in the shops that is at a discount. This is because clothing boutiques and high street shops expect to sell more coats, jackets and blazers, and socks due to the cold weather. If you are going to a country with a warm climate on holiday, you can snap up these options for rock bottom prices because they will be on sale so that the clothing retailers can clear their excess inventory. Ready to buy affordable summer clothing for the future in case you want a warm Christmas? Look online and go to the high street in order to do find the right bargains for you.

#4 – Always look for vouchers

Vouchers are a hallmark of the way Brits shop. You can get vouchers online or you can go to a national chain store and enquire about the vouchers that they have available. This is another excellent way towards September savings because it will allow you to save money yet still enjoy the things that you love without cutting them out. For example, you can go eat out at a restaurant with a voucher so that you can save money on the bill

#5 – Search for travel and hotel offers

Hotels love to encourage customers to spend more time in them especially during autumn because this tends to be a slow time for people going on holiday. You will find excellent promotional offers for travel including decreased prices for single rooms as well as cheaper flights to some of the most popular destinations in the world. If you are looking to travel, use September as the time if you want to save.

#6 – Get the phone you have always wanted

Phone models even when they are new may just be the updated versions of the one that came before. If there is a phone that you have been looking for, September is the time to go and hunt it down. You can get last year’s brand new phone models for less money because phone sellers want to get the latest models in. This means you get a brand new phone without spending a tons of cash that you may have spent before.

#7 – Look for better savings accounts

Savings accounts go to work for your hard earned cash. If you want to save, you need to put money away for a rainy day and for any other requirements that you may have. It’s important to save as much as possible but you should also keep your money in an interest bearing account so that you can reap benefits and rewards from your cash. Recalibrate your finances by finding a new savings account that you can either not access quickly or one that you can access easily.

#8 – Shop in bulk for food and drink

September is a time that people look ahead to Christmas in terms of how much money they will be spending. If you want to plan your finances properly, you should absolutely buy in bulk for certain types of food and drink so that you don’t constantly spend money by buying in less bulk. While shopping in bulk requires organisational skills.

#9 – Start planning your budget for Christmas shopping

While some consumers might think September is too early for Christmas shopping, you should use the month as launch pad to save as much cash as possible for Christmas. Get the best bargains for your family and your household so that you can keep your budget in check.

#10 – Do furniture upgrades

If you are looking for new furniture, now is the time to look for an upgrade whether you want brand new furniture or you want something that is antique or used. Furniture retailers are always looking for customers in September so this is the perfect month for savvy consumers who are looking for a bargain for a new chair or settee.

Let us know your plans regarding September savings!

Author: narek.vardanyan

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