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Peachy Stand-Up Comedy – Make Your Friend a Superstar!

Posted on 23rd February 2015

We all know that most of you love apps and you love technology. has come up with an amazing app that will allow you to make your friends instant stand-up comedy sensation. You select your friends picture on Facebook and by uploading it to our application, a stand-up comedian will talk about your superstar friend on the picture. You can then share it with your friends on their timeline on Facebook or Twitter; or via email.


The following steps will guide you on how to use our application:-

  1. Click here: Peachy Stand-Up
  2. Select using a Facebook picture
  3. Log onto Facebook
  4. Choose a friend by searching their name and selecting
  5. Click continue

After the fifth step, you can now enjoy as our stand-up comedian makes fun of your friend. Make it go viral by sharing on your friends’ timeline on Facebook, Twitter or through email. This app will allow you to connect with your friends on social media while at the same time have a laugh as the comedian talks about them. There’s more to life than just being serious, share a joke with your friend with

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Author: narek.vardanyan

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