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Peachy focuses on raising thousands for charity

Posted on 4th August 2014

Peachy, in partnership with credit reference agency Callcredit presented teams of 30 cyclists for an amazing charity bike challenge across Estonia. The charities that were benefited from this event include Candlelighters, a Leeds-based charity for children who have cancer. Another charity that was down to benefit is Centre of Disability Related Information and Assistive Technology that is an Estonian charity that provides free advice to people with disabilities and their families. The aim of the challenge was to raise at least £10,000 for the charities.

The aims of this charity bike challenge included to raise funds for these charities and raise awareness of their causes. Cancer is one of the most saddening realities of life today because it affects the children who have cancer as well as families and friends who care for the children. Big strides have been made for the rights of people with disabilities but the Centre of Disability Related Information and Assistive Technology still does a lot of pioneering work that needs fundraising. This is why the charity bike ride was so important.

Peachy Estonia cycle event

Steve, one of the cyclists in the challenge said: “It was a once in a lifetime challenge and great that we could also raise money to benefit the charities – children’s cancer in UK and the deserving families in Estonia.” The challenge covered 233 miles of Estonia from Oandu to the north and Ikla in the south. This is why Steve said it was a once in a lifetime challenge – not many people get to see the breadth and beauty in Estonia from their bikes. Marucus, another participant in the challenge said: “Thank you so much to all those who got involved and made it the challenge that it was.  Special thanks to Peachy, all the clients that took part and the organisers who did an amazing job!”

Peachy Loans cycle event Estonia

Kristjan Novitski, the founder of Peachy said of the event: “The key part was raising money for two brilliant charities which meant a lot to me. Through personal experience it’s shown me how important it is to notice people who need a helping hand. It makes you feel so good knowing that you’ve given something back to society.” The success of this event as seen through the partnership of Peachy and Call Credit and as well as raising the money in donations is the proof that when business gives back, everyone is a winner.

Peachy Loan Estonia charity cycling

Click here for more pictures from the event.

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