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Posted on 1st September 2014

Famous Brits

Hey Peachy Friends,

If there is one thing that we have a lot of, that’s famous people! From celebrated actors & actresses to world-renowned artists, #famousbrits are everywhere getting accolades and awards that would make even a cynic jealous. What do you think about your favourite famous Brits?

Peachy is having a #famousbrits celebration on our Facebook page every Friday. All you have to do is guess the name of the Famous Brit that we have posted about and you will have the chance to win a cool and warm Peachy scarf. Go on, have a guess at who the #famousbrits are!

Peachy merchandise

The winners are being announced every Monday – let’s see if you are one!

Make sure to follow us every Friday!


Winners list:

Clare R. H.

Michelle R. L.

Carolyn G.

Kayleigh B.

Helen T.

Sharon P.

David R.

Cathie D.

Diane W.

Greig S.

Vakhida B.

Piers B.

Jen E.

Kevin P. B.

Rebecca E.

Elaine S.

Mark G.

Rebecca H.

Carolyn C.

Paula S.

Michael H.

Debbie B.

Caroline S. C.

Paul S.

Julie L. T.

Ruth W.

Gloria H.

Brian H.

Amy H.

Cheryl D.

Maggie L.

Roger B.

Nikki H.

Donna I. B.

Sarah G.

Emma M.

Theresa J. S.

Alica J. H.

Danny E.

Michelle B.

Lori M. J.

Maria S.

Tracey H.

Natalie B.

Sylvia D.

Sharon R. R.

Mimi G.

Kalpesh P.

Bryony S.

David L.

Georgina J.

Rachel D.

Kimberley R.

Lucy D.

Julie F.

Vicki M.

Claire E. N.

Emily E. M.

Hayley C.

Sandra A. T.

This Campaign has ended!

Author: narek.vardanyan

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Avril Mountjoy

10th November 2014 at 10:59 am

I’m going for Simon Cowel x