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Peachy Easter Egg Design Contest on Facebook

Posted on 30th March 2015

We mark the Easter holiday by giving out eggs as gifts. This has been the custom for so many years in England. A whooping 90 million eggs are sold in England each year and the market is worth £200 million annually. The culture of Easter eggs is embedded amongst us and some of the most fun Easter eggs are chocolate ones because you can eat them.

This Easter, we will give you the chance to design your own Easter egg and win big with us. How creative are you? Beat your friends and have the best design to win. Each day, one person wins £25 and the main winner gets £325.

The game will run during the Easter holiday from 30th March to 6th April. Click on Design your Easter egg, and follow the instructions. First, register with your email address, and click “design”. Once you have done this, you can now express your creativity by tinkering with, for example, the head, eyes, nose and mouth of the egg. After this designing the egg of your choice, you can share it with your friends and stand the chance to win big with Peachy.

Most popular Peachy Easter Egg designs

This game will be available on your computer and mobile. We have set aside £500 to make your Easter even peachier. Unleash your creativity, design your own Peachy Easter Egg and share it with your friends to win money! Do not miss out the fun, play today!

This Campaign has ended!

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