• peachy loans payday lending

    The Competition Commission takes over payday lending

    31st July 2013

    Financial Conduct Authority used to be the key watchdog over the growing payday lending industry in the UK. The FCA now has decided to bring in some more help in the form of the Competition Commission. This body oversees how competition in business operates in the UK. Let’s look at some of the reasons why the FCA has decided to bring …
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  • Investing

    Is investing open to everyone?

    19th July 2013

    We all know that with personal finance, it is all about knowing how to take care of your cash and investing for your future. Let’s look at the possibilities of how you can integrate investing into your portfolio so that it can work for you: Yes Investing is ideal for anyone who wants to build a bigger safety net for …
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  • Payday Loan innovation

    How the payday loan industry is innovating

    15th July 2013

    The payday loan industry is starting to innovate thanks to new fresh ideas from lenders. If you want to see changes in the industry, think about the trends that you would want to see. We can identify some innovations that could happen in the payday loan industry soon: Prepaid cards: There is a possibility of prepaid card products coming to …
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  • shopping budget

    Why shoppers should always use a budget

    12th July 2013

    Top tips for shopping on a budget Shopping on a budget means keeping more notes in your pocket than change and thinking about purchases before you really buy them. Follow these top tips to help you on your way:   Always go for a discount: Hardware shops or DIY shops could be open to you bargaining especially locally owned shops. …
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  • peachy loans payday lending

    Peachy Loans stands out compared to rivals in the press

    5th July 2013

    There is a lot of news about the payday loan industry from news about how loans are advertised and how loans should be marketed to customers. Peachy Loans however, received good comments from The Guardian, one of the top newspapers in the country that has looked critically at the payday loan industry. These comments show that Peachy Loans is deciding …
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  • peachy birthday

    Peachy’s Birthday!

    10th June 2013

    It’s our second Birthday this month!  It’s been an incredible roller-coaster ride for the team at Peachy Loans to create a company that gives people the chance to take control over their personal finances. Since we started 2 years ago, we have worked with over 1 million customers. Yes that’s right, 1 million! This is why our birthday is so …
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