• Join the Peachy Birthday Celebrations

    It’s Peachy’s Birthday – All £100 Loans are Now Interest-Free!

    1st June 2019

    It’s party time for Peachy! Our 8th birthday is fast approaching and we can’t believe we’re 8 years old already! In human years, we’d still be in primary school! But we’re growing a lot faster as a business – and we are happy to remain one of the most trusted direct lenders in the UK. We turn 8 on 6th …
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  • How to control emotional spending

    The 5 Triggers of Emotional Spending (And How to Control Them!)

    31st May 2019

    Are you an emotional spender? However good you are at managing your money, your emotions can urge you to make financial decisions that could end up costing you a small fortune. Emotional spending occurs when we spend more money on something because we feel bored, lonely, worried or perhaps because we feel like celebrating a particular life event like getting …
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  • Tax changes in the UK

    New UK Tax Year: 11 Things you Need to Know (And How it Impacts You)

    21st May 2019

    It’s a new tax year and with it comes change! It’s easy to tune out to any news surrounding taxes. But, any change announced has the potential to have a major impact on your personal finances. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up a list of recent announcements to help you stay up to date on what’s changed, what remains the same and …
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  • Tips for Saving on Car Expenses

    10 Simple Tips for Motorists to Save £934 on Fuel Costs (in 2019)!

    15th May 2019

    The cost of driving always seems to be going up, with car tax and car insurance on the rise. Fuel is still one of the most significant expenditures for motorists in the UK, despite prices being frozen for the ninth year in a row. Drivers can save hundreds of pounds on fuel by making small changes when it comes to their …
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  • tips for booking a summer holidays

    5 Tips to Plan, Budget and Book your Summer Holiday in 2019!

    22nd April 2019

    Holidays, whether on your own, with a loved one or with family should be a fun-filled and memorable one. Sadly, it doesn’t always work out that way. The internet is full of tales of dodgy hotels, crammed tours with other tourists, flight delays and over-priced car rental. When this happens, your holiday excitement can be ruined in minutes. But, with …
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  • How to save money on utility bills

    How to Save Money on Household Utility Bills

    15th April 2019

    Winter should be firmly behind us now, and for many households, they can breathe a sigh of relief from higher energy bills and the wear and tear of living through winter. Household costs like electricity, gas, water, broadband, car insurance and mobile phones consume most of our household budgets. Rather than wait for the onset of another winter where prices …
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