• Christmas – Money Saving Tips – Part 2

    18th December 2013

    We’ve put together the second part of money saving tips that can help you cope with Christmas! Plan your presents: We often end up spending more than we intended on Christmas presents because we start to panic and buy things without thinking them through. Have a think before you hit the shops about what you might buy for who and …
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  • Christmas Saving Tips

    Christmas – Money Saving Tips – Part 1

    11th December 2013

    With Christmas creeping near with every passing day, the thought of digging deeper into your wallet may send you into a cold sweat, especially if you’re still recovering from a financial hangover from the summer holidays.  The good news is that there is still time to get your finances in order and create a fabulous Christmas without breaking the bank. …
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  • Peachy survey infographic

    Who Takes out a Payday Loan?

    6th December 2013

    Inside the world of a payday loan user (Research) Unique research carried about by Peachy Loans and an infographic released by Peachy is ground-breaking and has revealed much needed data on who payday loan users are and what their habits are. Kristjan Novitski, the founder of Peachy.co.uk said: “We’re releasing our findings to paint a much more focused picture of …
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  • Shake the Christmas tree

    Shake the Christmas Tree

    4th December 2013

    You have to check out our amazing new game on Facebook! We know you are getting your Christmas tree ready for the festivities in the coming weeks. The premise of our game is simple: you shake the Christmas tree and see how many presents you can shake out of it! How it works First, sign up via email and then …
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  • Financial Pressure

    How to deal with financial pressure

    26th November 2013

    Financial pressures are something that many of us know. Whether you are a graduate or if you are married with children, financial pressure will show its face in the future. According to a report by Forum for the Future, financial pressures will be part of economic life in 2030. If you are under financial stress, use these methods to manage …
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  • Digital Spending

    Cash vs Digital Spending

    21st November 2013

    The rise of online shopping has led to a massive change in how people in the UK see cash and spending online in general. The UK has over 12% of online retail market share, according to RetailResearch.org. With billions of pounds being spent annually especially around Christmas online, how has this changed our attitudes to cash vs online spending? Cash …
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