• short-term loan

    Why there is no Shame in Taking a Short-Term Loan

    25th March 2014

    Facing financial problems can have a knock-on effect on your mentality, and especially your self-esteem. It can be demoralizing and devaluing to feel like you are not in control of your financial independence. Worst of all, you are powerless to change your circumstances. Right?  Wrong! Short-term loan can provide short-term answers to get you out of an uncomfortable financial situation, …
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  • peachy like and win FB game

    Like and Win with Peachy!

    20th March 2014

    We know how you love Facebook games which is why we keep coming up with new Facebook games to keep you on your toes. This Facebook game is exciting and fun; we know you are going to enjoy yourself when you play this game. How it works The first thing that you need to do is like Peachy’s Facebook page. …
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  • Credit-Summit-2014

    Credit Summit 2014

    18th March 2014

    Peachy is excited about this year’s credit summit. It is one of the most interesting dates on the credit year’s calendar. It is the UK’s largest credit industry event and it is essentially a conference where everyone in the industry will meet to discuss what is happening. Key issues to be discussed include car finance, alternative lending and debt advice. …
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  • credit today award 2014 finalist

    Peachy is a nominee in the Credit Today 2014 Awards

    10th March 2014

    The Oscars of the credit industry are the Credit Today Awards. Just like how your favourite actors and actresses fight for the golden statue of the Oscars, credit companies that give people financial power want to get Credit Today Awards. We are thrilled to announce that Peachy.co.uk has been nominated for 2 awards. Alternative Lender of the Year Nomination (Consumer) …
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  • Peachy credit score app

    Understanding your credit score

    28th February 2014

    Credit scores are important aspects of your financial life. Your ability to get credit will affect whether you can buy a car or a house. If you have big dreams for your personal finance future, you should understand how your credit score can make these things come true or it can definitely be an obstacle. Let’s look at the basics …
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  • Debt Payoff

    Paying off Debt Sucks! But it’s the Best Thing You’ll Ever Do

    20th February 2014

    Private debt in the UK is now more than £1.4 trillion, and average household debt has risen to £54,000. It sounds bad, but in actual fact the debt has lowered since 2007 because, during a recession, people tend to borrow less. There’s nothing worse than money problems. When they strike, so do the constant phone calls from banks and credit …
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