• Peachy Famous Brits Facebook Campaign

    1st September 2014

    Famous Brits Hey Peachy Friends, If there is one thing that we have a lot of, that’s famous people! From celebrated actors & actresses to world-renowned artists, #famousbrits are everywhere getting accolades and awards that would make even a cynic jealous. What do you think about your favourite famous Brits? Peachy is having a #famousbrits celebration on our Facebook page …
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  • Peachy Loans calculator

    The Benefits of an Instalment Loan

    28th August 2014

    There are many benefits of taking out an instalment loan and some of which I will explain about in more detail below: With an instalment loan it can still be considered a short term loan but they are extremely flexible with the repayments, you can take the loan over a period that suits you. My advice would strongly be to …
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  • School Savings

    10 Back to School Tips to Help You Save More this September

    19th August 2014

    Keeping the kids entertained for six whole weeks doesn’t come cheap, so the summer holiday can take its toll on your wallet. And when September rolls around it’s time to spend again. This time it will be on school supplies. It’s an unavoidable expense, but there are ways to make it a little easier to stomach. We’ve put together this …
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  • Peachy money saving tips

    10 Moneysaving tips you probably didn’t know about

    8th August 2014

    Saving money is something that we all wish we could do. It can be second nature if you know how to find the right tips to help you on your way. We have you covered because in this special guide, we will show you the top 10 tips to save money that you maybe didn’t know all ready. Do overtime: …
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  • peachy loans charity

    Peachy focuses on raising thousands for charity

    4th August 2014

    Peachy, in partnership with credit reference agency Callcredit presented teams of 30 cyclists for an amazing charity bike challenge across Estonia. The charities that were benefited from this event include Candlelighters, a Leeds-based charity for children who have cancer. Another charity that was down to benefit is Centre of Disability Related Information and Assistive Technology that is an Estonian charity …
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  • history of british pound

    The History of the British Pound

    29th July 2014

    The pound, known as the pound sterling or simply by its symbol, £, is the official currency of the United Kingdom. We know it because we use it every day for loans, buying things as well as seeing it grow in our savings accounts. Peachy is fascinated by currency and in this guide, you will learn the history of the …
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