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Peachy Named in Top 50 List for Most Trusted Companies in 2019!

Posted on 27th August 2019

Cash On Go Ltd, Peachy’s holding company, has been listed in the top 50 most trusted companies of 2019 according to the Silicon Review.

What is the Silicon Review?

The Silicon Review is the world’s most trusted online and print community for business professionals. Community members include thought-provoking CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CMOs, CFOs, VPs, managers, budding entrepreneurs and those who believe they have innovative ideas to change the world.

The Silicon Review has publications across the United States, Europe, India, The Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

Why Cash On Go Ltd?

As a leading UK-Estonian FinTech company, with respected UK brands Peachy and Uploan, Cash On Go Ltd was recognised for its innovation in offering modern financial services for today’s world. 

Cash On Go Ltd aims to set the benchmark and innovate new products solutions inspired by modern trends in the personal finance sector.

About Cash On Go Ltd

Cash On Go was incorporated in 2010 and is headquartered in London, UK. The company’s line of business includes government and governmental-sponsored credit agencies primarily engaged in guaranteeing, insuring or making loans.

The company has two leading brands that are well known to UK consumers: Peachy, since 2010 and Uploan since last year.

Both brands have been recognised not only for their innovative financial alternative products, but the level of trust and transparency when dealing with their UK customer base.

It’s a concept, that Cash On Go CEO Kristjan Novitski heavily promotes:

“Our mission is to provide UK customers easy to use financial services that help them through their unexpected real-life situations and cash management needs.”

Novitski interprets this mission to be as follows:

“Our company is built on a 3E strategy – Expectations, Exceeding, Experience – this is what echoes through every aspect of our activities and services. We have always been open and honest with our customers so that they can have faith in our products and us as a company.”

The Payday loan industry has come under a lot of political and financial scrutiny over the last few years, with Wonga loans damaging consumer confidence in the personal finance sector.

Novitski sees this challenge as an opportunity to make the industry more accountable and provide better financial products to Peachy and Uploan customers.

“FCA regulation has ensured that consumers are better protected from unscrupulous payday loan company tactics. The remaining companies, who like Peachy from the outset, promoted a more honest and transparent way of doing business, survived and were not impacted by subsequent regulation.”

What now for Peachy?

Peachy has continued to grow three times since the brand was launched in 2010 and strives to remain innovative and offer new leading financial products to support those in search of better cash management. 

Peachy’s sister company, Uploan, as launched last year and provides more long-term and higher loan amounts for customers seeking a better financial soliton for long-term financing.

As Kristjan Novitski states:

“One core principle for both Peachy and Uploan is built around the ethos of offering responsible, tailor-made, easy to use and affordable loans to our customers. It is not about quantity but always about quality.”

Peachy only offers loans to those who can afford it, as part of responsible lending.

To read the full interview with Cash On Go CEO Kristjan Novitski, click here.

Author: Katre Kaarenperk-vanatoa

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