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Your Money & Hobbies

Posted on 3rd October 2013

From the world of sailing in the South of France to people who simply adore going hiking in the Lake District, hobbies can turn out to be expensive affairs. Hobbies are enriching and fun for everyone whether you are passionate about skiing or you simply love to shop.

Why do people like to indulge in their hobbies?

Hobbies give people the chance to breathe and express their creativity. There are hobbies for almost all types of people from people who are passionate about painting to going fishing. If there is a hobby that you are passionate about, you are probably thinking about how you can afford this hobby. This is where money and budgeting come in.

Take a look at our top tips on how to achieve this:

1) Plan your hobby spending as an expense: Hobbies might seem like entertainment but they don’t come across that way in your budget. You need to see your hobby as an expense just like your gas and electricity bill. Make a section for hobbies in your budget and only use your disposable income for your hobbies. Don’t use money intended for food and bills to feed your passion for your hobby.

2) Try and make money from your hobby: Baking is an excellent example of a hobby that can get expensive. Think about all of the flour, sugar and cake icing that you need to buy to bake cupcakes, cookies and cakes. All of these ingredients add up. You could decide to earn cash from your hobby selling the baked goods that you make and the power of the Internet means that you can do this online as well.

3) Take on a second job: Having other sources of income if you can’t directly make money from your hobby is an excellent idea. A second job can be on the weekends or just part-time so you can create a stream of income to pay for your hobbies.

Most expensive hobbies

In the world of expensive hobbies, money is no object. Take a look at this list of the most expensive hobbies in the world and how people are finding money to pay for them:

1) Sailing & Boats: From speedboats to yachts, sailing has plenty of people who are passionate about sailing. This means learning how to tie knots and paying for the maintenance of the boat. This can be expensive but sailing enthusiasts always find a way to make sure they are always exploring the oceans of the world.

2) Flying: Aviation is more than just London Heathrow and London City Airport. You can sign up for flying lessons so you can learn how to fly a plane or a helicopter. Flying requires lots of lessons and financial power because of how expensive it is to rent planes.

3) Skydiving: Being in the air is an exhilarating feeling for people who are fans of skydiving. For this reason, you can end up paying a lot for just one sky dive. People who are adventurous always find a way to incorporate skydiving into what they do.

Other hobbies like scuba diving also deserve mentions for being expensive. However, as you can see from the textured hobbies we have covered, hobbies are extensions of who we are inside. This means that we will instinctively find ways to indulge in these passions.

Ensure that you keep your personal finances intact when you are paying for your hobbies. With a solid budget, you can indulge in your hobbies without losing any financial strength.

Author: narek.vardanyan

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