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Top 35 Ways to Boost Your Income

Posted on 5th November 2013

Earning extra income does not have to be hard in order to get more cash in your pocket. It just requires you to be more creative so that you can find opportunities. Don’t wait for opportunities to come knocking. With this list of Peachy-perfect ways to make extra cash, you are going to be in the driver’s seat of your personal finances.

  1. Find a part-time job:

    These types of jobs have risen in popularity over the times because of how the economy has changed. Employers want to find employees that are flexible when it comes to work. If this sounds like you, then you are cut out to look for a part-time job. Popular part-time jobs include office administrator roles and part-time accountants/bookkeepers. Part-time jobs also exist in the retail world so if you are good at numbers and enjoy sales; you could be a sales assistant at a big retail store.

  2. Find a lodger:

    Do you own your home or do you have extra space in where you are renting? As long as your landlord does not mind, you could find a tenant for the property that you live in. It can be different experience when you have someone who is living in your spare room but if you need the cash, this is a quick way of getting it. You can charge your tenant monthly or weekly but the former is a more frequent way of charging for living space. You should be aware of the responsibilities that come with having a lodger such as checking to see if you will need to cook meals for them.

  3. Rent out your home:

    If you live in a nice property that could do well on the rental market, you should consider moving out and letting it. It can be a change in lifestyle especially if you have an old property as they tend to have bigger rooms that you might have gotten used to. Contact a letting agent if you want to know the types of prices that you can expect or you can see if you can rent out the home yourself. If you find a tenant, you should be prepared to move to somewhere that is half of the size of your home that you are letting. This way, you can make more savings with bills such as electricity. It is a good idea to rent out your home if you think you are going to fall into arrears with your mortgage.

  4. Do babysitting:

    This is one of the easiest ways to save money and boost income. If you like children, simply do babysitting. There are always local opportunities for babysitting or you could also watch someone’s pet for them. Many people don’t know that the hourly rate for babysitting can be higher than minimum wage so make sure that you check local listings.

  5. Sell your second home:

    According to the, around 600,000 Britons have a second home. If you have run into financial hardships, you should consider selling your second home. Not only will this give you an infusion of cash, it will give you the stability that you need to take care of your personal finances.

  6. Sell jewellery:

    You shouldn’t sell items that have sentimental value to you but perhaps there are antiques or jewellery such as rings and necklaces made from gold that you can sell. Look around your house to see if there is anything of value at your place. You can go and get it appraised to see if it is worth any money. The benefit of doing this is that you can get the cash as soon as you have sold it. If you have bulk jewellery lying around at home, you can contact a wholesaler and see if they will take it.

  7. Use eBay:

    The worldwide standard for online auctions is another good way to sell things that you don’t need. There are lots of buyers and sellers on eBay so you need to learn how to stand out from the crowd if you are going to succeed. Types of things that sell well on eBay include clothing, antiques and accessories.

  8. Sell your car:

    Do you really need to use your car? When you answer this question, it is important to think about why you bought your car in the first place. Your car is a method for you to get from A to B but if you can walk or take public transport, you can make money from selling your car. Your car can fetch quite a bit since used cars always make money whatever the economy. Selling your car will be replaced with you using public transport, running and walking, the latter two which are good for your health.

  9. Consulting:

    You probably have a skill that you can market to clients and customers. You simply have to find your skill. Let’s say that you are good at marketing; you can sell your marketing services to companies as a consultant so that you can make extra money. You probably need to set up a website and get some business cards printed but the good thing about consulting is that it is a stop/start business in that you can stop it whenever you want and you can do it whenever you want.

  10. Get involved in direct selling:

    This is where you will do sales for a company that is involved in direct selling. If you are good at sales and you can deal with convincing strangers to buy products, you could do well with direct selling. The commissions are good if you are selling high margin products like cosmetics.

  11. Sell ice cream:

    This is a good income earner in the warmer months. Ice cream is an automatic pick me up and it reminds people of fun times when they were young. Stick to ice cream flavours that are guaranteed to sell such as vanilla, chocolate and strawberry so that you can get as much cash as possible.

  12. Return things you have bought before:

    Look around your house and see if there are items that you have barely used or items that are new. Once you have figured the ones that you want to return, make sure that you are within your right too. This tends to be in 28 days or less only – not several months down the road.

  13. Car washing:

    This is another way to get money especially if you need a big chunk as soon as possible. Washing a car is tiring and cumbersome for many drivers – if you and a few friends have spare time, you could offer to wash people’s cars for them. The advantage is that you can add a mark-up if they need their car washed as soon as possible.

  14. Sell baked goodies:

    The beauty of baking is that you can charge a few pounds for something that will take you no time to make. One of the biggest trends in business at the moment is the cupcake & cake trend. Many Britons are learning how to bake and they are applying their baking skills to create cupcakes, cakes and brownies that people are willing to spend good cash to buy. If you have a talent for baking, you could make good money but you need to have a way of distributing these. Start doing bake sales or set up stalls in your local market.

  15. Make artisanal jewellery:

    One of the biggest trends of the past few years has been the artisanal trend. This has been applied to everything from artisanal bread to craft beer. One area that you could make extra money if you know how to make jewellery is artisanal jewellery. From hip London brands like Mawi to local jewellery companies, there are high mark-ups in jewellery which makes this an attractive area to start earning extra money.

  16. Recycle scrap metal that you can find:

    Perhaps in the garden of your home, there will be scrap metal that you can recycle. Scrap metal is popular with many junk yards because they go on to resell it at a higher value. Take spare scrap metal that you can find and sell it on to get quick cash.

  17. Repair computers:

    If you are a tech-wiz, you could always repair computers for a fee. Even though we live in a technology saturated world, many people still get frustrated and stressed out when dealing with a computer. This is where you will come in to make things less stressful and easy for your customers. Repairing computers is a good way to earn more every season of the year because people will always need computers to be fixed in their homes.

  18. Make handmade items:

    Anything from soaps to body lotions is a good idea if you are good at making things solely by hand. Many people like the personalised element of handmade products which makes them easy to sell. If you are particularly good at arts & crafts, it could grow into a big side business depending on your ability to sell.

  19. Write & sell ebooks:

    Do you have knowledge that someone is willing to pay for? If the answer is yes, you could write and sell ebooks online. Ebooks have changed how people read and they are only continuing to grow in popularity. You could sell your ebooks for as much as £15 depending on what you are writing about.

  20. Find work as a temporary worker:

    Recruitment agencies make their bread and butter from the economy by putting you in temporary work. You can get all kinds of temp work from administration to manual work. The good thing is you get money as soon as possible but you need to think of another cash stream as well since you are only working there temporarily.

  21. CV writing:

    If you know how to make CVs look good, you could do well by writing CVs for people as well as editing them. CVs are important in this tough job market – candidates are willing to spend money to have someone help them get a job with a CV that makes sense.

  22. Distribute flyers:

    Companies always want to promote and advertise their goods and services. They do this by using flyers or brochures. You could get extra money by distributing flyers in your local area during busy periods.

  23. Go to a pawnbroker:

    Pawnbrokers give you the chance to earn cash for the valuable item that you have. The more valuable or unusual your piece is, the better it is because this means that the pawnbroker can sell it.

  24. Start a knitting class:

    Knitting and cross-stitching are becoming more popular as people look for alternatives to leading lives that exist purely on the Internet. You can have knitting classes in your neighbourhood and share the profits with the venue. ‘

  25. Throw parties:

    This is another great way of making money if you are really good at socialising and you love to go out. You will need help along the way to do this so that’s why you should find other people who like to throw parties and want to make extra cash with you.

  26. Do odd jobs:

    Odd jobs come in all shapes, sizes and flavours. If you have patience and stamina, consider hiring yourself out to the local businesses in your area so that you can do odd jobs for them.

  27. Sell your vintage clothes:

    The market for clothing around the world and in the UK is worth billions of pounds. Chances are most of us have some clothing that someone else would pay a pretty penny for. Look around your wardrobe to see if you can offer someone something unique in clothing and accessories and sell it to them. The market for vintage clothing is strong thanks to fashion magazines and online retail which has helped vintage clothing sales soar.

  28. Freelance writing:

    If you are amazing with the written word, you could be successful as a freelance writer. This requires business nous though as you need to find clients so that you can make the money. Simply send some emails and make phone calls to create a client list that you can pull from to make money.

  29. Improve other people’s gardens:

    Are you good with gardens and flowers? Many people take pride in their gardens but they don’t have the time to maintain these gardens. This is where you come in if you are good at gardening. You can charge a lot of money since this is a skill that not many people have and critically it is something that not many people can do.

  30. Design logos:

    If you have illustrative talents or you are a graphic designer out of work, try and create logos for other people. You can make a logo for a small business, charity or entrepreneur and charge what you think you are worth for it.

  31. Fix old machinery for people:

    Believe it or not, there are still many people in the world that use typewriters for example. If you know how to fix old machines, you should consider fixing them and charge an hourly fee for this. Many people want to fix what they bought many years ago.

  32. Paint:

    Artists can make extra money by painting for corporate clients. Even if you are not a professionally trained artist, you can paint your work and then sell it online to the highest bidder. You can do this through your website or you can sell your artwork at markets and art galleries.

  33. Become a personal trainer:

    More people want to be healthy and to become strong, they know they need to change their diet and eat better. This also means exercising as often as possible. If you are in good shape, you could become a personal trainer and sell your services to people in your community.

  34. Be a driver:

    You can be a chauffeur on the side if you want to earn extra cash. Corporate customers still need drivers to help them take their executives to business meetings as well as take them to the airport. Consider contacting your local taxi firm to ask if there are part-time vacancies that you can take advantage of.

  35. Look for lost savings accounts:

    You probably have savings accounts that you want to get back and you can’t because you have misplaced the information. Try your best to find the information and unlock these accounts because there is cash there that you can use to increase your income.

These top tips will help increase your monthly or quarterly income significantly. However, make sure that you write a detailed plan about how you are going to achieve this. By making a plan, you will see your personal finances change for the better as you take control over the money that you are earning.

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