Peachy Friends Facebook Game

The Best Way to Know Your Facebook Friends!

Posted on 18th September 2013

Many of us are always on Facebook, liking out friends statuses and looking at pictures. Did you know though that many people on Facebook don’t know their friends that well? We have a super fun Peachy Friends Facebook Game that you can play to see how many of your Facebook friends you actually know!

How the Game Works

Choose the speed that you want – we have it in two flavors: the Marathon (where you can make 3 mistakes) or the Sprint (where the game lasts under 30 seconds).

The outcome of the game is every day; one player will win £50.

The fun aspect of this game is that you can actually reconnect with old friends that you haven’t checked in with in a while. As you see the profile pictures, you will remember the rich textured friendship you had with them.

Terms & Conditions

All Peachy need is access to your friends’ list in order to activate the game. Whether you choose the Sprint or the Marathon, this is a fun game that you can also invite your friends to do as well. All you do is match your friend’s name to their current profile picture.

The total prize pool of money is £700. Users can also receive 10 extra votes for every friend that also plays the game, which is why you should encourage your mates to take part.

Author: narek.vardanyan

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