Saving Tips

  • save a tenner

    10 Ways to Save a Tenner

    25th June 2015

    Whether your saving a trip abroad, the school summer holidays or just simply feeling the pinch. This week’s post has something for you. Saving a tenner this week sounds good right? But what would you say if we had 10 ways you can save at least £10? Even Better!!! 1. Have a Packed Lunch We know it is not the …
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  • saver or spender

    7 Ways to See if You are a Saver or a Spender

    26th May 2015

    We all want to know whether we are spenders or savers. It takes a special type of person to know what their spending personality is like and luckily for you, we have the following signals that will help you see whether you are a saver or a spender at heart. #1 – You get urges to spend rent money on …
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  • Modern day expenses

    10 Modern Day Expenses You Can Live Without

    29th January 2015

    There’s no denying that we love our modern day comforts. From smartphones to designer labels, coffee and Kindles – the list is endless .Unfortunately, these come at a hefty price. If you struggle to keep afloat each month and find that your income barely covers your living costs, it’s time to reassess. We’ve put together a list of ten modern day …
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  • New year finances

    How to Handle New Year Finances

    16th January 2015

    With the New Year in full swing, it is time to come to terms with New Year money. Whether you spent a lot last year, or if you are planning for big things this year, you need to start the New Year well with good money management. Managing the January financial hangover January is a month where many of us …
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  • post-Christmas finance

    Your Ultimate Post-Christmas Personal Finance Survival Guide

    30th December 2014

    The Christmas season made everyone excited about spending time with friends and family. Christmas inevitably becomes a time when you also need to spend it with your finances and making sure that you are on top of how you are spending cash. We have made for you post-Christmas survival guide so you can figure out how to manage money and …
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  • Christmas gift ideas

    The guide to Christmas gift Ideas and spending

    12th December 2014

    Christmas is just around the corner and you know what that means? Presents and more presents! Many people in the UK have already started their Christmas shopping in earnest by seeking out the best deals available on the market. With this guide from Peachy, you are going to find out the best Christmas gift ideas for this year that won’t …
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