Saving Tips

  • discretionary spending

    How to Budget for Discretionary Spending

    16th December 2016

    Discretionary spending is money that you spend on your lifestyle that excludes necessary spending such as gas and electric bills and petrol for your car. This means discretionary money can be anything from the money you spend on eating out to shopping for clothes for going out. If you are looking for the top tips on how to budget for …
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  • Christmas money

    Seven Tips for Managing your Christmas Money

    5th December 2016

    As the country deals with the end of the year, at least we have one bright spot to look forward to: Christmas 2016. Retailers are excited, but how do consumers feel about Christmas? If you are one of the millions of people who are planning on doing a lot of Christmas shopping this December, you need to have the ultimate …
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  • How to set financial goals

    How to Set Financial Goals

    23rd November 2016

    Setting financial goals is something that is really important if you are trying to save money and improve your financial situation. In this guide, you are going to learn all of the tips and ideas on how to set financial goals that you can achieve with practical tips. 1. Decide what your goals are Knowing what your goals are is …
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  • shopping online

    How to Shop Savvy Online

    31st October 2016

    It seems hard now to imagine, but as recently as 2008 only half of people in the UK shopped online. That figure is now over 75%. However, as then shopping online can still be a bit of a minefield and getting the cheapest deal is not always guaranteed. That is why this week we have created a post for you …
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  • Do men and women spend differently?

    Do Men and Women in the UK Spend Differently?

    20th October 2016

    The battle of the sexes has spilled over into how different genders spend money. Do we really spend money differently when it comes to men and women, or do we spend money in similar ways? This is a question that is important to answer because it gives us a solid overview about how men and women operate when it comes …
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  • September savings

    How to Save Big in September

    8th September 2016

    September savings are something that many people are looking for as autumn begins. How are you going to save this September? You need to follow the top tips that we have for you to help you save and manage your money. As we head into the final quarter of the year, it is important to manage your finances especially in …
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