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  • Estonia Cycle Challenge 2014

    CallCredit – The Estonia Cycle Charity Challenge 2014

    2nd July 2014

    Estonia is the scene of the charity challenge 2014 that we are all going to be part of. We are extremely excited and focused on doing our best for this challenge. The key part of the challenge is that it is a cycling challenge where each of the riders must try and raise around £500 which we are going to …
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  • Peachy Loans 3 Years

    Peachy Loans 3 Years Journey Infographic!

    6th June 2014

    Happy Birthday Peachy!  

  • peachy top stats infographic

    Peachy – Top Stats Infographic

    21st April 2014

    Following last weeks Peachy’s Top Stats Research, we are happy to share our Infographic with you! Here are those key points we have covered: ¼ of those surveyed said they would take out a pay day loan.  A third (32.61%) of those who have / would consider a pay day loan said they chose this option above other loans and …
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  • 4mediarelations peachy infographic

    New research finds the majority of people would take loans

    17th April 2014

    Peachy is excited to release a new batch of new survey results that sheds light into what we really think about money and personal finances. Peachy worked with an external agency to create this survey. Respondents were chosen to find out the insights and opinions about money, credit and personal finance. Questions asked In the survey, all types of questions …
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  • Peachy mothers day

    Happy Mother’s Day

    27th March 2014

    Mother’s Day is one of the most exciting days in the year because we get to pay tribute and homage to our mothers. Mother’s Day is also increasingly being used as a way to celebrate the women in our lives who act as mother figures. In the UK, Mother’s Day tends to be on the fourth Sunday of Lent before …
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  • Credit-Summit-2014

    Credit Summit 2014

    18th March 2014

    Peachy is excited about this year’s credit summit. It is one of the most interesting dates on the credit year’s calendar. It is the UK’s largest credit industry event and it is essentially a conference where everyone in the industry will meet to discuss what is happening. Key issues to be discussed include car finance, alternative lending and debt advice. …
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