• Child support UK

    Have You Been Missing Out on Financial Child Support Benefits?

    22nd November 2018

    Finding alternative sources of income to plug the holes in household finances has become critical for many families with children.   However, before applying for that credit card, overdraft or payday loan, it is best to check that you are receiving your entitled financial benefits for your family. There are several child financial support options open to families, Child Benefit …
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  • Debt and its impact on relationships

    How Debt is Damaging Your Personal Relationship(s)

    30th October 2018

    Debt can cause an unbelievable amount of pressure on relationships, causing disputes, quarrels and frustration from either partner. In a debt-ridden environment, staying strong as a couple can be challenging. Either or both partners can become cold and withdrawn to each other, leading to repeated arguments on how the debt was accumulated in the first place. Moreover, trust within a …
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  • What pension options do I have?

    I’m Worried About My Pension. What Options Do I Have?

    22nd October 2018

    With many of us not saving into a pension, or not saving enough, it is time to get up to date on what pension options you have. More than two in five workers under the age of 45 risks being left disappointed in retirement as they are underestimating how much money they will need to provide a decent income. For …
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  • Where to get help with debt?

    Where Can I Get Help With Debt?

    12th October 2018

    There are several ways to get help with debt, but the most important (and most critical) is to seek out professional advice for any debt management problem. Managing your debt is never pleasant, and debt is one of life’s most stressful experiences. The sad part is that many of us at one time in our lives have been in debt. …
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  • Social media causing millennials debt

    Is Social Media causing Millennials to get into debt?

    24th August 2018

    Extortionate rental prices, credit card bills, and student loans are making it difficult for millennials to save for their future retirement. However, there is a new threat that is impacting millennials financial growth and security – social media. Do you ever get envious of your friend’s social media feeds – jetting off to somewhere exotic, wearing new outfits each day, …
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  • student loan debt psychological impact

    The Long-Term Psychological Impact of Student Loan Debt

    14th August 2018

    Higher education is now a requirement for most new job applications, but how does student loan debt impact university graduates? According to a study by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), three-quarters of graduates will never clear their student loan debt.  High tuition fees and enormous student loan debt will leave many graduates paying back their debt well into their …
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