• Payday lenders

    Online Payday Lenders vs High Street Payday Lenders

    7th October 2016

    When it comes to payday lenders, there are two choices customers can have: online payday lenders and high street consumer lenders. What makes each of these lenders so different? Today you are going to learn the ones that are perfect for you and you can make a decision on which lender you should choose. What is an online payday lender? …
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  • Personal loans

    10 Things You Need to Know About Personal Loans

    22nd September 2016

    Personal loans need you to be focused and diligent when it comes to making repayments and to figuring out why you are taking out personal loans. Personal loans are loans that you can borrow for personal reasons that can be anything that you want. 1 – Look for the amount that you need On the whole, personal loans tend to …
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  • Overdrafts

    How Overdrafts have Become more Expensive than Short-Term Loans

    23rd August 2016

    Overdrafts act like extra cash that you can borrow from the bank in case you need money. Not all bank accounts have overdraft facilities and maybe this is for the best. A new report by Which cited by the BBC found that getting an overdraft can be more expensive than a short-term loan. This is something that has been fascinating …
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  • Financial Education Peachy Loans

    How Financial Education on Money Matters is Important for Every Person

    8th July 2016

    Have you ever thought about financial education? New statistics quoted by the National Savings & Investments organisation (NS&I) show that millions of Brits (15 million) wish they had experience some sort of financial education as they were growing up. Financial education is understanding how your personal finance works such as how to balance your income and expenditure and how to …
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  • Flexible finance

    Definition of Flexible Finance

    18th April 2016

    Wherever you look at the moment, be it banks, lenders, credit card providers or shops. They are all talking about “flexible finance”. But what does it mean and what impact does it have on you? If you do a quick search online for “flexible finance”. You find many offers for 0% car finance, mortgages, loans and even replacement boilers, but …
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  • Easter spending

    How to Manage your Easter Spending

    23rd March 2016

    Easter tends to be a time for fun, family and friends. Whether you are spending Easter with your friends or if you are going on a weekend break for Easter, you need to make sure that you have sorted out your finances for the long weekend.  Recent statistics show that Easter spending has swelled to £747m, according to the Telegraph. …
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