• Cost of living in the UK for 2019

    Will UK Living Costs Rise in 2020 (And How Will It Impact Your Finances)?

    18th December 2019

    With Christmas spending already hitting household finances; another concern is whether UK living costs will rise in the New Year. With uncertainty remaining over the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, it is hard to gauge whether this will cause a rise in UK living costs in 2020. UK prices typically rise in line with inflation, often around the 2-3% …
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  • Extra Cash Lying Around - Here Are 9 Best Ways to Capitalise

    Extra Cash Lying Around? Here Are 9 Best Ways to Capitalise

    17th July 2019

    Too much of a good thing is bad, or is it? Because having extra money is anything but bad, right? There are countless things you can do with it, from investing it wisely to burning it for fun. Regardless of the source of your extra dough ― years of hard work, a winning ticket in the raffle, inheritance, lawsuit settlement, …
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  • Household spending statistics UK

    Where Does Your Paycheck Go? Key Household Spending Statistics in the UK (Infographic)

    9th July 2019

    Have you ever wondered where all your money goes? Find out how an average household in the UK spends its income. It’s no surprise, but many people are spending more than they earn each month. There is a steady transition from cash and cheques toward plastic and digital payments, which often results in unforeseen fees and interest charges that contribute to …
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  • Tax changes in the UK

    New UK Tax Year: 11 Things you Need to Know (And How it Impacts You)

    21st May 2019

    It’s a new tax year and with it comes change! It’s easy to tune out to any news surrounding taxes. But, any change announced has the potential to have a major impact on your personal finances. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up a list of recent announcements to help you stay up to date on what’s changed, what remains the same and …
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  • credit alternatives in he UK

    6 Credit Alternatives to Bank Loans, Overdrafts & Credit Cards

    15th March 2019

    Ae you planning on making an expensive one-off purchase? Do you need some fast cash to cover you until the end of the month? Or maybe you are searching for a way to reduce your debt burden and consolidate your debts? Credit cards, overdrafts and payday loans are several ways borrowers can apply for when they don’t have money in …
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  • Compare payday loans online

    7 Ways to Compare Payday Loans Online

    27th February 2019

    At the height of the financial crisis, more than 8.2 million loans were taken out in the UK. With traditional credit alternatives drying up, more and more of us turned to payday loan lenders in the UK to solve our short-term financial woes. But, times have changed, haven’t they? Well, not quite. Ten years later, and Brits are still struggling to manage …
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