• peachy-loan-calculator-smaller

    The In and Out of Loan Calculator

    26th January 2016

    Loan calculator have revolutionised the payday loan industry by showing consumers how much they can repay. The changes in the payday loan industry as mandated by the Financial Conduct Authority have pointed towards transparency. At Peachy, we have already been showing transparency for many years and one part of this is having a loan calculator. How to use a loan …
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  • 2016 finances planning

    How to Plan Your Finances in 2016

    4th January 2016

    Planning 2016 finances doesn’t have to take a toll on you; all you need is good planning to get the job done correctly. Whether you are a spender or a saver, you need to plan your 2016 in a way that makes sure that money doesn’t become a problem for you. Here are our top tips on how you can …
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  • Definition of Installment Loans

    Installment Loans – Questions & Answers

    18th December 2015

    Installment loans are the latest innovations in the consumer finance industry. They are revolutionary products that help consumers stay in charge of their personal finances. Most borrowers have questions about newer types of loans such as installment loans and payday loans. We are happy to answer the 10 most frequently asked questions in detail so that you can totally understand …
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  • Short-term borrowing

    Is Short-term Borrowing the Only Way to Get Cash?

    3rd November 2015

    Responsible lending is a concept that has the finance industry buzzing and it is something that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the regulator for finance in the UK, has based regulations about payday loans on. One of the latest innovations in responsible lending has been highlighting the image of the short-term borrowing industry as one that focuses on lending responsibly …
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  • Understand credit

    Understanding How People use Loans & Credit

    14th September 2015

    7 reasons why people borrow money Loans and credit form a cornerstone of many people’s personal finances. There are many different types of credit that you can get access to. Here are 7 reasons why people use loans and credit: To be able to drive: The motor industry is known for the sky high prices of cars as well as …
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  • Word cloud for Installment loan

    The Difference Between Payday Loans and Instalment Loans

    17th August 2015

    Payday loans have become some of the most popular and talked about types of loans that are available in the UK. Millions of people have taken out payday loans to help with their finances. However, payday loans are also competing against new types of loans such as instalment loans. We are going to look at the key differences between payday …
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