Estonia Cycle Challenge 2014

CallCredit – The Estonia Cycle Charity Challenge 2014

Posted on 2nd July 2014

Estonia is the scene of the charity challenge 2014 that we are all going to be part of. We are extremely excited and focused on doing our best for this challenge. The key part of the challenge is that it is a cycling challenge where each of the riders must try and raise around £500 which we are going to share to 3 charities.

CallCredit: We are very pleased to announce that our charity challenge for 2014 will take place in Estonia. If you’ve joined us on other cycling challenges you’ll be familiar with our friends at Cash on Go who this year have invited us over to their beautiful Estonia to take on what is set to be another exhilarating challenge!

233 miles, 3 days, Coast to Coast

The whole track is 233miles and starts from Oandu (north coast) and finishes in Ikla (south-west coast). It passes through two national parks: Lahemaa and Soomaa (both unique in Europe). There is large variety of different types of tracks to cycle on road: single track, gravelled, non-gravelled and so on. Riding the whole track will give you an excellent overview of Estonian nature: swamps, different types of forests, rivers and lakes (hopefully some wildlife as well).

Route Map

call credit charity cycle map

Here are some videos of the route on YouTube:

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3



What charities are we supporting?

Charities that we are supporting include the Centre of Disability Related Information and Assistive Technology. This is an organisation that works under the umbrella of the European Social Fund programme, the Active labour market measures supporting welfare measures 2010-2013. The whole premise of the centre is to give free guidance and advice to people with disabilities and family and friends of people with disabilities.

Good advice for people with disabilities can be hard to come by which is why the Centre is so important. The Centre accomplishes many things but the money raised from the challenge will help people with disabilities to have ramps in their home. Erik and Annika are one of the many people who will benefit from a ramp in their homes.

Erik is disabled after being paralysed in a stabbing accident; he and his family will be able to move around more when a ramp is installed in his home.

Annika has cerebral palsy, which means she cannot move her legs or her right hand. They currently have no water within their house meaning her grandparents have to bring water in from outside.

It wants to improve how people are living by offering guidance that they can use over and over again. The Candlelighters is a charity based in Leeds that aims to provide services to children with cancer and their families and friends. It is actually run by the parents of children with cancer so it is run by people who have first-hand knowledge on the trials and tribulations of dealing with cancer in young children. People who have children that suffer from cancer go through a lot of stress but one of the main things that they worry about is the fact that there are limited facilities to help them. With our charity challenge, we want to use the funds raised to help them kit out their new Family Support Centre.


Cash On Go operates on another level

Can you help us?

“Pushing yourself to the limit and being able to help the ones in need, it the same time is an incredible feeling one could have. Thank you for helping me in raising the money for the ones that needs it most”.

Kristjan Novitski – CEO Cash On Go Ltd

Kristjan’s Ride the Tour

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