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It’s Peachy’s Birthday – All £100 Loans are Now Interest-Free!

Posted on 1st June 2019

It’s party time for Peachy!

Our 8th birthday is fast approaching and we can’t believe we’re 8 years old already!

In human years, we’d still be in primary school!

But we’re growing a lot faster as a business – and we are happy to remain one of the most trusted direct lenders in the UK.

We turn 8 on 6th June, to commemorate this event we’re giving away some amazing Peachy gifts and cash prizes to our Peachy people.

We’ve decided to start the party early and for a limited time only, we’re offering interest free loans to all customers who take out a £100 loan.

That’s right!

Customers who take out a loan worth £100 between Saturday 1st June and Sunday 30th June do not have to pay any interest!

If you take out a loan for £100, you pay back £100. That’s it.

No APR applied, no interest, nothing!

So, if you’re considering a short-term loan of £100 and are not a Peachy customer, now is the time to give us a try as you won’t pay a penny back more on your loan amount. Remember, it’s interest free!

We’re also having some fun games and giving away some really cool peachy gifts and cash prizes on our social media pages. To take part in our giveaways, all you need do is visit and like our Peachy Facebook and Twitter pages.

Important: Before you apply, please read the terms and conditions.

When you’re ready then click “Apply now” and let us do the rest!

Apply now

Responsible borrowing is essential. You must be able to repay your loan in full and on time. Not doing so could lead to financial difficulty.

Author: Katre Kaarenperk-vanatoa

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