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Back to School: 3 Last Minute Saving Tips

Posted on 7th September 2015

Back to schoolWith kids around the country beginning to return to school and stressed parents running around the shops last minute like headless chickens.

What can you do to get everything they need and stay calm in doing so?

Whether it was that holiday or those days out that left a hole in your wallet, or you’re going through that last minute meltdown. This week’s post is for you.

As we will give you a number of great tips to take away the stress and make that transition back at school as smooth as possible.

Don’t Panic!!

This might seem like a strange point to open with, however speaking from personal experience teachers don’t expect students to have everything they need on day

one. They often have a drawer or cupboard full of papers, pens, protractors. You name it, they probably have it.

With many things to get even the most organised parent can miss something. So don’t worry. The important thing is to concentrate on the necessities. Any items you may have missed can be picked up in the sales over the next few days and weeks (depending on urgency).

Check What You Already Have

The first stop is your child’s bedroom. Where you will likely find last year’s school bag exactly as it returned at the start of the summer. Dig through the crumpled papers and empty chocolate bar wrappers to find out exactly what they have. You will likely find that they still have many things they can use again this year such as pens, paper and notebooks.

Check their desk too; this is a haven for things deemed as “not cool for school”. Help them with stickers and colourful pens to jazz up these unloved but usable items. What items they don’t have you may have yourself. So dig through your own work supplies, all those free pens and company notepads you collected might have a use at last! Shops such as The Works and Staples also have many stationary items for as little as £1 should you be missing anything.

Next stop the wardrobe. If you’re not one of the fortunate few whose child still fits in to last year’s uniform or they are changing schools don’t worry. Here are a couple of tips:

– Do they have an older sibling? If so there is nothing wrong with a hand me down.

-Do you have a friend or family member whose children attend the same school? If so, ask they may have the parts of the uniform you need.


It may seem like a big task at first, especially if their bedroom looks like the one above. Talk to them and get them involved. Inside the chaos they probably know exactly where everything is. Knowing what they already have will give you an exact knowledge of what they need. Make a list and track down those needed items.

back to school room

Shop Savvy and Stay Calm

If you don´t have everything you need and have to head out to the shops. Whether you encounter hordes of stressed parents akin to the Black Friday sales or empty shelves, the first piece of advice we can give you is to stay calm.

Head to the Local Supermarket for a cheap deal. Back to school clearance sales are already in full swing. As supermarkets aim to clear the shelf for autumn collections and Christmas (It starts earlier every year)!!! Currently the cheapest offers are at Tesco, with full uniforms available for £7. More deals can be found here.

If you need specific school logo blazers or sweatshirts and you are not able to pick these up from friends or family. Head to social media and more specifically to parent groups for your local school. They may be organising a sale or swap event. If not check the posts, there may be someone giving away or selling what you need at a lower price. Failing that, write a message with what you require. Add what you have to offer too, your child’s old uniform could be perfect for someone else. You may be able to swap with another parent or even make a little bit of extra money.

Have a hunt around your local charity shops. This may seem like a longshot when it comes to specific school logo items. However you may be able to pick up other staples for just a few pounds.

Don’t forget about those non school specific items too like shoes, winter coats, hats, gloves etc. With the autumn/winter products now hitting the shelves you can also pick these up if required.

Whether you are super organised and already have everything or are rushing to pick up the last few things. This is the perfect time of year for you to think ahead. If you have a little extra cash take advantage of the sales. Pick up some bargain uniforms in the next size up. You know how quickly they grow out of things!


back to school conclusionBack to School can be both a stressful and emotional time. Especially for those whose children are about to start school for the first time. Below is a list of quick tips to help make that return to school easier and calmer:

-Don’t Panic!! Teachers don’t expect students to have everything they need on day one.

-Check what you have! Go to their room, see what they have and make a list of what they require.

-Shop Savvy! Ask friends, family members and social media groups, before heading to the shops.


Following the tips in this post will make that first day easier for both them and you. Check out last year’s post to get extra back to school saving tips!

Take a deep breath, they will be ok!!

Author: narek.vardanyan

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