How to create wealth

8 Valuable Points on How to Create Wealth

Posted on 6th August 2017

How to create wealth

Wealth is the word that is on everyone’s mind. Wealth and money are not the same thing though. If you want to become wealthy, you need to understand how to create wealth and how to keep wealth.  The average wealth of households based in the South East of England has soared to more than £300,000 according to the Guardian.

1 Create a business that generates money quicker than inflation

One of the easiest ways to create wealth is to create a profitable business that generates money quicker than the rate of inflation. The UK is a hotbed for wealth and success. A Barclays report found that 1 in 67 Brits are millionaires. With so many people finding their path to riches, it is clear that creating a business is one of the best ways to be successful financially. Creating a property portfolio in prime locations and finding tenants is another wonderful example of how people in the UK are creating wealth. London and South East has shored most of the country’s wealth but there are plenty of millionaires in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The report also found that the North East will have the highest rate of growth of new millionaires, for example. The point here is while location matters in terms of generating wealth, it is becoming less important as all areas of the UK are seeing a boom in new millionaires. Some business people have a few tries until they get it right while other business people are successful almost straight away.

2 Make it a habit to save money into accounts you cannot touch

Whether you are saving for retirement or if you are planning on creating a wealth fund, it is important to open savings accounts that you cannot touch. This will encourage you to see your money grow and it will also encourage you to save more money. Wealthy people save money because they know that they might need it one day. You need to have different types of savings if you want to be wealthy. It is critical to have an emergency fund full of savings, in addition to having different types of savings. It might be a good idea to spread your savings across different accounts.

3 Learn how to invest

Investing is an important part of generating wealth. You might decide you want to invest in properties, stocks and shares or a business. It is a good idea to seek advice prior to investing to see what your best options are. Many wealthy people know that risk is associated with investing. You could lose your entire investment or you could make a healthy return. It depends on the nature of your investment. Learn about investing first before making any decisions on how you are planning to invest and seek professional advice if you want to make it a significant part of your portfolio.

4 Study other affluent people for ideas

Other people who have become successful are a good source of ideas on how to generate wealth. You can find information online, in financial magazines or you can ask anyone you know who is financially successful what they did in order to succeed. Other people can get you to think differently about how to create wealth.

5 Learn how to keep your money

Making money is not the same as keeping your money. It is also important to know how to keep your money safe. In this sense, you should study your financial spending patterns to figure out if you are a saver or a spender. A spender needs to have strict controls on how they spend their money in order to keep the wealth intact. Consider talking to a finance professional on ideas on how you can keep the wealth you have created safe or do research online. Motivation and discipline are two cornerstones of how to keep your money safe, as well as increasing your financial knowledge so that your money is retained.

6 Hire an accountant or financial adviser

If you can afford it, hiring an accountant or financial adviser is a good way to learning how to grow the money that you currently have. Accountants can also advise on tax issues which is important to understand  if you want to create wealth and preserve it at the same time. Find an affordable accountant to get you started if you are serious about growing your wealth. Look for referrals from people you respect when searching for an accountant.

7 Save for retirement

Retirement is part of everyone’s life but it is not something that many of us think about in the here and now. Wealth creation should also include saving for retirement so that your future life can be as fun as you want it to be.  Saving for retirement can include pensions, fixed accounts and property for example. A detailed plan for retirement is needed so that you can succeed in seeing the fruits of your labour. Retirement should also include your partner or your family as they might have financial requirements that you could help them with in the future.

8 Learn the power of interest

Compound interest is the interest upon interest that you can get if you reinvest the money you have made on top of your principal. For example, any money you have gained from interest on a savings account, instead of spending it, reinvest it again so that you can earn money on the ‘free’ money you initially earned. This is a powerful way to generate income and wealth for your future.

There is not one set path to create wealth – there are many different ways and paths to get there. These eight tips will help you on your journey if it is something that you are passionate and motivated about. In addition to creating wealth for you and your family, learn about how to preserve your current wealth so that you can be successful in all areas of wealth generation.


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