5 things you didn't know about Christmas

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Christmas

Posted on 23rd December 2014

Christmas is a time when people spend time with family and friends and reflect on the year that is coming to a close. Whether you are travelling to the countryside to visit family or if you are having a city Christmas celebration with your friends, there are plenty of interest facts and anecdotes about Christmas that add extra cheer and fascination with the period.

  1. Billions of Christmas cards are sent each year around the world

One fascinating element of Christmas is the idea that people send each other Christmas cards. You can do this with your family, friends and colleagues at work. More than 3 billion Christmas cards are sent in the US alone, according to Randomhistory Christmas card needs to be sent early though to avoid arriving after Christmas.

  1. 60 million Christmas trees in Europe

Believe it or not, there are 60 million Christmas trees grown in Europe, according to Mirror. That is a huge amount considering the amount of European countries. The UK is bound to have a lot of those trees for the Christmas period because of the huge popularity of having Christmas trees at home, at the office and just anywhere essentially. What does your Christmas tree look like?

  1. Christmas songs sell millions each year

The best-selling Christmas song ever is Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas’. The song has sold over 50 million records since it was released in 1942. Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ sold over 1 million records when it was released. What is your favourite Christmas song?

  1. More than £12bn will be spent during the Christmas peak period

Can you believe that analysts are saying that more than £12bn will be spent in the UK for Christmas shopping in the peak period? This shows the power of Christmas shopping across the board, according to Bing Ads. Many shoppers are taking advantage of Christmas shopping because they are also looking for deals for January. Christmas shopping is fun and ideal for many people in the UK because of the steep discounts that retailers offer to get sales going.

  1. British shoppers are the biggest mobile Xmas shoppers in Europe

New research has found that British shoppers are the biggest mobile phone shoppers for the Christmas period in Europe. Mobile shopping has revolutionised how people pay for goods during Christmas because now as you are walking around the high street, you can literally buy anything from your phone. Items for Christmas shopping that do well on a mobile or tablet interface include perfumes, cosmetics, and smartphones. A study by Adobe said that UK Tablet shopping will grow by 60% and smartphone shopping will grow by a whopping 97%. These are huge numbers that reflect how powerful technology has become in terms of how we decide to buy Christmas presents with.

During this Christmas season, you will be revelling in time with family and friends but don’t forget about these interesting facts that definitely add dimension to the Christmas holiday period.

If you have more interesting facts about Christmas let us know in the comments below.

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