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How you should manage debt

Posted on 29th August 2013 | no comments
Manage debt

Debt is something that is in most of our lives whether it is considered good debt such as education loans or consumer debt. Finance charity Credit Action found that average consumer borrowing now stands at over £3,200. With an amount like this, it’s important for you to master how to use loans and credit to
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Your money & Your shopping habits

Posted on 21st August 2013 | no comments
Shopping habits

Shopping is something that we all do and there is no doubt that you have probably thought of things that you need to buy this week from food, groceries and buying phone credit. The British Retail Consortium found that in 2012 alone, the value of British retail was over £311bn. With this staggering amount spent
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Peachy Loans Weekly Giveaway

Posted on 19th August 2013 | no comments
Peachy weekly giveaway

At Peachy, we love giveaways. To celebrate the launch we have a special giveaway for Peachy Loans’ fans. Our Giveaway Check out our Facebook page to sign up. From here you will see that all you have to do is like us on Facebook and you could potentially win £100. Due to the fact we
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Your money & property: the ultimate guide for you

Posted on 15th August 2013 | no comments
Your money and property

Property is one of the most exciting yet misunderstood types of investments that exist in personal finance. When you are thinking about how to build your personal finances, you need to consider how to create a firm financial future for yourself. Many investors choose property as one of the top ways to invest and protect
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How to budget for affordable luxuries

Posted on 12th August 2013 | no comments
Affordable luxuries

Don’t we all just love affordable luxuries? These can be any type of products from your favorite beauty and grooming products to the glossiest touch-screen smartphones that you can use to access all of your social media. Men and women approach affordable luxuries in different ways but what remains the same is the financial aspect
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How Peachy Loans is raising money for the British Heart Foundation

Posted on 7th August 2013 | no comments
British heart foundation

We need to keep our hearts healthy which is what the British Heart Foundation (BHF) wants to encourage in everyone in the UK. The British Heart Foundation is the nation’s heart charity that wants to encourage research and knowledge into fighting heart disease and improving heart health. We recognise how important this is which is
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