• safety deposit box

    Open Safety Deposit Box and Win £20 daily!

    17th May 2013

    We have an amazing new game “Open safety deposit box and win money instantly” running on our Facebook page where you can win £20 daily by simply opening safety deposit boxes! At the end of the campaign we will be draw out £250 among all participates! Click HERE to play the game! Have a Peachy Day! This campaign has ended!

  • How much can you save? - personal finances

    Guide to Manage Your Money and Personal Finances

    Introduction Managing how money should be used within life is something that many Britons are trying to do successfully. This guide will give you the tools of the trade to manage your personal finances in a way that you can implement once you have finished reading the guide. Start the first day of your new financial life today with our …
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  • peachy loans payday lending

    Peachy UK Weather Infographics

    Check out this fun UK weather infographic about the weather in the UK.  Was there something you didn’t know already? Have a Peachy Day!

  • Peachy.co.uk

    How Peachy Loan Works

    16th May 2013

    Getting a short-term loan from Peachy is very easy and paying it back is just as simple! We give you an option to pay back your loan in in partial payments. This means you can decide when and how you wish to repay your loan, putting more in control of your money. This is how it works: First you need …
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