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10 Ways to Save a Tenner

Posted on 25th June 2015

Whether your saving a trip abroad, the school summer holidays or just simply feeling the pinch. This week’s post has something for you. Saving a tenner this week sounds good right? But what would you say if we had 10 ways you can save at least £10? Even Better!!!

1. Have a Packed Lunch

We know it is not the most appealing option, but the potential savings you can make are huge. Even if you spend a very conservative £5 per day. That amounts to £1300 a year or over £50,000 during your entire work career.
Packed lunches can be made for under £2 a day. Sounds good right!! Not only are they cheaper, but healthier too. So you can watch your bank balance rise while your waistline drops.
Weekly Saving: £15+

Healthy lunch

Healthy lunch

2. Say No

Are your work colleagues going to the pub for a couple of drinks after work? Or have your friends just asked you to the cinema this Friday? With the average price of a pint now over £3 and the average cinema ticket costing more than £6.50. You can see that even a simple or quick evening out can have a hefty price tag.
You don’t always have to go. Learning to say no sometimes can generate some serious savings in the long term.
Weekly Saving £10+

ok to say no

3. Be a Hair Model

In need of a trim, but concerned about the cost? Who wouldn’t be with the average price of a woman’s haircut now over £50 and men’s not too far behind. A trip to the hairdresser can really leave you out of pocket these days.
With local colleges and beauty schools always in need of hair models. There is no need to ever shell out for an expensive cut again. Most will provide you with a cut for just a fraction of the normal price. But look carefully enough and you may find somewhere for free!!
Saving £20+

hair trimer

4. Make A Shopping List

It may seem obvious. But how many of us walk in to the supermarket without a list? And are tempted by other often needless things.
Making a shopping list and sticking to it has been proven to save you nearly 25%!! It not only saves you money, but also time. With the average price of the weekly family shop over £100. A normal family could be saving £1300 a year.
Weekly Saving £25+

shopping list

Shopping list

5. Buy Own Brands

We all have our favorite branded foods. But did you know a number of taste tests have found very little difference in supermarket own goods and their branded counterparts. Still unsure? Did you know that buying store own brands can save you around 25% on your weekly shop!!! Just as when making a shopping list, this could save you more than £1300 each year.
Weekly saving £25+

No brand

6. Go green

Ditch the car!! Almost half of us live within 3 miles of where we work or shop. Did you know even a slow cyclist can do this in 15 minutes? With the prices of petrol sky high doing the daily commute in your car can be costing you a small fortune. Don’t have a bike or feel its too far to walk? Not a problem, get on the bus. If you live in a town or a city, your journey could be as quick or quicker due to dedicated bus lanes.
You already ride the bus! Ok, try walking to the stop beyond your normal one and get off one earlier. Not only will you save a little money, but you will get in better shape and arrive to work more awake.
Weekly Saving £10+

go green

7. Make a Budget

We all know how much money is coming in each week or month. But very few of us track how much is going out and where it is going. Making and sticking to a budget cuts out those impulse buys, especially just after payday. And can save you potentially £1000’s each year. Being organised with your money is the most proven way to stay out of debt.
Weekly saving £25+

Budet Planner

Budget Planning

8. Do I need this?

Imagine the scenario. There is a big sale in your favorite shop and you find a great pair of jeans. Don’t get bamboozled by the discounts. Think do I really need this? You more than likely have at least 10 pairs of jeans at home!!
Has a work colleague, neighbor or friend just got the latest gadget? If your wondering where they got the money to buy this. The likelihood is that person is in more debt than you.
You don’t have to follow the crowd or beat the Jones’s anymore. Stop before making any purchase and think „Do I really need this?“ If the answer is no. Walk away. This kind of thinking can save you £1000’s each year.
Weekly saving £20+

Do I need this

9. Compare Prices

Comparing prices online is no longer restricted to insurance and holidays. Whatever you wish to buy. Be it online, at the supermarket or on the high street. There is a comparison sites available almost for every product in the world.
Stopping to compare prices before making any purchase not only saves you money, but prevents those expensive unnecessary impulse buys.
Weekly saving £10+

Prices Comparison

Best Price

10. Save

Set up an automatic transaction with your bank. That transfers a set amount to your savings account as soon as you are paid. This tricks you in to thinking you have less money to work with each month. While at the same time, giving you a healthy savings account. Should an emergency arise.
Saving as little as £50 a month (or a little over £10 per week). Can add up to £600 in the course of a year. And you hardly notice its missing.
Worried about just transferring the money back to your current account and using it. Don’t worry. Ask you bank for a savings account with a time limit or charge involved in using the money. This will more than likely prevent you touching the money unless truly necessary.
Weekly saving £10+


The average UK household spends just under £500 each week. When including all bills. Taking on board all of the tips in this post not only could you save over £100 this week. But over a year that would be more than £5000. Not bad ay!!

If we’ve missed out anything feel free to let us know.

Author: narek.vardanyan

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